Sean Tilley

Sean Tilley

Creating articles about the fediverse, art, music, and adventure games.

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About Sean Tilley

Hey, I'm Sean! You might know me as deadsuperhero from the fediverse, which is where I hang out online. I have a lot of hobbies - I'm a writer, visual artist, musician, stand-up comedian, game designer, and programmer.

I believe in the immense power of online communities and collaborative development. I grew up using Open Source / Free Software systems, such as GNU/Linux, and this largely shaped my worldview. One of my guiding philosophies is that I want to give everything I make to the world for free, through the act of Copyleft licenses. This means that every piece of art, every paragraph of writing, every line of code, all ends up under an appropriate license that allows people to study it, use it, and share it however they like - as long as they retain the original license and give me credit for the original work.

I have several ongoing projects below, and it is my hope that Patreon backers might be able to help me along with these initiatives.

We Distribute - writing about the decentralized web

We Distribute is a publication I started several years ago, with the goal of covering the development of open source communications projects such as Diaspora, Friendica, and Mastodon. The key subject has become The Fediverse, a sprawling super-network of websites that all inter-connect through the magic of federation. As time has gone on, this space has produced its own replacements to Twitter, DropBox, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and SoundCloud, and could very well one day dethrone their corporate competition as a whole.

My publication, now a part of the non-profit organization Feneas, acts as a news outlet for projects in the space, and even produces technical explainers and guides for members of a constantly-growing web community. I serve as the editor and primary writer, and do most of the research and interviews myself.

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