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I'm DeAnna Lorraine, I'm a fiercely patriotic Conservative, Political Commentator, Author and former Congressional Candidate in California's 12th district, San Francisco. I just concluded my Congressional Campaign - I just ran against the biggest political Goliath - Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi! (See videos below) It was an arduous and hard-fought journey and I truly gave it my all. In the end, the winner of my Primary election was a Radical Socialist. So now, the only choices going into the November 2020 General Election are Nancy Pelosi, and radical Socialist, Shadid Buttar.  

But let your heart not be troubled - I am not giving up the fight! In fact now that there is no bold Conservative voice to counter Nancy, and no Republican choice at all on the ballot for voters, it is even more important that I stay on the front lines of the fight and be a loud and prominent voice.

PODCAST / SHOW: I will be doing a live streamed video Podcast now every week (at least 2-3 days a week) called "Winning the Culture War," where I'll be updating you on the latest political & cultural news, bringing in exciting guests for interviews, and covering important events. SUBSCRIBE to the Podcast here!
I'll also be doing everything in my power to help get our President re-elected, and turn California RED! In order to produce high-quality, consistent content and videos though, it does cost some money.

BOOK: I am also in the process of publishing a book about my experience challenging Nancy Pelosi and fighting The Swamp that I will be releasing this Summer, in time for election season. The book is entitled "21 Lessons I learned Challenging Nancy Pelosi [and Fighting the Swamp]." This will be an awesome book that will detail the good, bad and ugly of my experience, but also a strategic guide to help, inspire and empower others out who are thinking about running for office or becoming more of a prominent Conservative activist. In order to complete the book and have it published by this Summer however, money is needed for all the production, publishing and marketing costs. A high-quality book is important to deliver an important message!

FLYING THE "PELOSI for PRISON" Banner again: I also definitely want to fly my enormous 80-foot by 25-foot famous "Pelosi for Prison" Banner again this year too, due to popular demand! However, flying it is not free unfortunately and funds are needed for that.

I want to make sure I don't skip a beat. But I do need your support to help me stay on the front-lines of this fight to take back our America and re-elect Trump! We can't get complacent. This is a BIG year. TOGETHER, we are strong. So let’s stay connected and keep that light and momentum that we created shining bright. Please continue to follow me on my very active Social Media channels so you can stay in the fight with me and stay updated on what I’ll be doing next.
For God, Family and Country,
DeAnna LorraineSupport me and my message. We are taking things to a whole new level. Video production, social media management and much more. I have a team to make in big difference in 2020. Add fuel to our fire and we will put resources to great use. Thank you!

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