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About Debi Jackson

Hi, my name is Debi Jackson. I'm the mom of a couple of awesome who happens to be transgender. Because of my determination to advocate on her behalf, I've become a nationally-known transgender rights advocate/activist, with a special focus on helping families with transgender and gender non-conforming children.

I run a website called as a resource for other families, It features a lot of great educational info and links, plus the Trans-Parenting podcast. And when I can talk myself into sitting in front of a camera, I make videos about current events in the trans community or tips for other parents.

I love being an advocate and resource for our community, costs a lot of money. Having a toll-free number for parents to reach me, multiple domain registrations, and website and podcast hosting fees all add up really fast. I've been doing all of this work in my "free time" by digging up spare change and looking for dropped pennies on the ground for a couple of years now.

That's why I'm turning to you. With patronage, I can always produce the podcasts and videos and keep adding good content to the website, regardless of my personal income stream (or lack thereof!). With enough patronage, I can devote more time and resources to my work: increase the audio quality, create more content, update the website, book guests, run some contests... you get the idea.

Your pledge of a monthly fee from $1 to $1000 (hey...I don't want you to feel limited!) will help support my efforts to support other trans families.
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$150 won't change all that much as far as the quality of the overall show goes, BUT it will cover the costs I'm incurring every month for website and podcast hosting, the 800 number, etc.

More importantly, it will have a HUGE impact on my confidence moving forward. It will let me know that you love the show and will give me an incentive to put out new episodes every couple of weeks. That is everything to me.
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