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is creating -- a new life in RETIREMENT, & still want to Change the World !!

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This is my  GENERAL  SUPPORT  tier.
General Support means your funding allows me to supply any creative project I am working on.

For me, that could be workspaces, equipment, supplies, overhead, employees, business fees, registrations, insurance, and even unexpected emergencies.

Your support will meet so many unknown or unexpected needs as they happen.  I guess you might say this is my "emergency fund" and my "development fund."  It is my "catch-all" tier.

This is the MOST IMPORTANT tier of all.


--  As my General Support tier, Patrons will receive UPDATES on the things that are happening with their funds.  There will be a minimum of monthly updates, plus additional updates as they are necessary.
--  Patrons will also be provided with SPECIAL OFFERS and DISCOUNTS as they become available.
--  At the end of every twelve (12) months of paid membership, Patrons will receive some kind of  THANK  YOU  GIFT  from me.


Limited (20 remaining)
per month
ART has been a part of my life since I was young, I just never thought of it as a way to support myself.  Now that I am "retired" I would like to pursue that path. 

I am hoping PATREON supporters will help me to do that.

This tier is limited because I want to send my Patrons samples of my work as I am discovering new ways to create ART.  In my effort to make PATREON my first space, I will make larger artworks available for purchase here before I sell them elsewhere.  I hope this will be seen as EXCLUSIVE access and a way of saying Thank You for your ongoing support.

The process of making my own prints is important to me.  I want to control the colors, the details, the quality... lots of things.  I have only a small idea of how I will explore the different aspects of making prints and creating originals.

--  Patrons will receive UPDATES on my ART activities, a minimum of monthly, but as often as is required by what is happening in my ART efforts.
--  As time passes, I will be sharing  SMALL  ART  PRINTS  with my Patrons.  This will vary as I experiment with new ways to do ART.  These prints will be EXCLUSIVE to my Patrons.  Some of my other ART PRINTS will be made available for purchase first to my Patrons.
--  At the end of every full year of Patron support, you will receive a  THANK  YOU  GIFT  of some kind from me.

Your funding helps me to obtain needed equipment and supplies, create an appropriate workspace, ship you merchandise benefits, and keep going... discovering new ways to create art prints and share them with you.


Limited (10 remaining)
per month
JEWELRY  DESIGN  is a big topic. 

I will use your funding to purchase equipment and supplies for creating different types of jewelry.

I tend to like simple designs, smooth lines, smaller sizes, but I want to learn different processes and design options along the way, so this tier will help me do that.

What do I need? 
I have gathered some small tools and parts to make jewelry.  What I need help with is the more expensive equipment and supplies.  I would like to start with SILVER CASTING necessities.

--  Patrons will receive UPDATES, a minimum of monthly, but as often as needed to keep them informed.
--  As my resources increase, I will offer Patrons the first opportunity to purchase my designs.  If possible, I will send out small but exclusive samples of my work to those with the longest support record or by first access response.
--  At the end of every full year of support, Patrons will receive a  THANK YOU GIFT  of some kind from me.



About Debs Retirement Plan

Getting ready for 2021 now!
Working on the details.

I am going to make just THREE tiers for now.
Today I decided to stay with ::
  • FOR  EVERYONE as my General Support tier, still at $5/month.
  • SMALL  ART  PRINTS, now at $15/month.
  • JEWELRY  DESIGN, now at $25/month.
All the tier details will be updated as well.

I will be doing more PUBLIC posting to reach those who need exposure to my activities, with the hope they will choose to sign up as a tier member.

The main goal is still to create an online flow in priorities... with PATREON at the top of the list and as the main contact point.  I will be posting links from here, possibly PAYPAL sales links, but also links to other sites as they apply (like ETSY and EBAY).

I expect to change this page as I find out what works and what does not.

I am sad that my efforts during 2020 did not work out, but I trust GOD has His reasons for all that happens.  I don't understand it, can't control it, do not have the ability to address it myself, and believe GOD is showing me more about what the future is going to become.  Unfortunately, from my view, it doesn't look good.  We have to deal with the Internet in our lives, so I just keep doing my best every day, and leave the details to GOD. 

In Christ,

14 DECEMBER 2020
As Patreon is set up right now, 

I am a SENIOR CITIZEN trying to finish my life doing things I was never able to do in my earlier life... creative things. I am settling for ART and JEWELRY on my PATREON page. I hope these activities will grow into income that will allow me to tackle my BUCKET LIST traveling. Maybe you will be able to follow me as I accomplish those goals. :-)

Please choose the tier that best fits your heart and budget.

PATREON is still my main focus for the rest of my online existence...
I think it is full of amazing possibilities.  
Please share this link with anyone you think might
become one of my supporters.

Thank you for any sharing you do!

Explore some of my other efforts online,
ALL works in progress, like my PATREON page -- --  Lots of links to explore on my WT homepage!

and my first affiliate link at PRINTFUL --

plus blogs, mainly

1 of 30 patrons
MY  2021  GOAL !!!
Right now, I want to fill my two crafting tiers.
That's 20 for ART  &  10 for JEWELRY.
That's the foundation.
FOR  EVERYONE  is the gravy.
As many as possible for that tier.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 66 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 66 exclusive posts

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