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Welcome to my general support tier.

General Support means your funding allows me to supplement other tier needs that do not have enough funds to make them useful. 

It means I can buy equipment and supplies for any need that comes up. 

It means I can expand my reach, hire more help (temporary or permanent), and meet unexpected emergencies.

--  IMMEDIATELY, you are eligible for Monthly Updates.
--  After three (3) months, you will be eligible for Special Offers.
--  After six (6) months, you will be eligible for Discount Codes.
--  At the end of every twelve (12) months, you will receive some kind of Thank You Gift.


Please remember,  everything is on a first come-first served basis.

In the UPDATES for this tier,  I will share what is happening with all of my tiers, how things are developing, what is good and what is not working well. It will help you decide where you might want to invest your support later on.

I want to THANK YOU for helping me build a global outreach. 
My dreams and goals are so big, I know I can't do them alone. 
I need to find the right people to help me get them started,
and the right people to keep them going. 


Please share my quest with everyone you can.
Thank you.

2020 Project 1 :: DESIGN TOOLS
Limited (100 of 100 remaining)
per month
Welcome to my first PROJECT tier!

I decided to do a project about being able to DESIGN my creations because it is the foundation for almost everything else I want to do.

Right now, in real life, I am trying to create t-shirts and other products with messages on them.  I call it CHANGEWORDS.  One problem keeps coming up -- being able to make a single design that can be fit onto a variety of products.  The solution, so far, is to subscribe to ADOBE software products.  To do that, I need a better computer system.  

In the meantime, I also want to try to develop designs and products with the options that are available.  I need to buy samples of these products to check the designs, and the products they are on, BEFORE selling them anywhere.  Samples still cost money and I don't have it.

Your funding commitment will allow me to work in three directions ::
--  ADOBE  software subscriptions
--  SAMPLES of current product efforts
--  A better COMPUTER SYSTEM to be able to use designing software.
These items will also help me with my silk-screen projects.

ADOBE Illustrator creates "vector" images, which keep their details when you make them larger or smaller.  This is critical for my needs.  With your funding help, I hope to sign up for the entire suite of ADOBE products to meet any need I might have in designing products. The last time I checked, that cost was about $60 a month.

COMPUTER SYSTEMS I have looked at, and assume would work with ADOBE, are about $2-5,000.  My current funding goal will meet that need.

I have estimated this project could take six months to fund completely.


--  IMMEDIATELY, you will begin receiving Monthly Updates.
--  After three (3) months, you will be eligible to receive a Discount Code for one of my online shops.
--  After six (6) months, you become eligible for ONE FREE ITEM associated with this Project.  If the project takes longer than six months, you will receive one free item after every six months of paid membership. These will be delivered after the project is completed and products are created with the equipment you helped to purchase.

At the end of the DESIGN Project,
everyone who supported this project
will receive a Thank You Gift.

2020 Project 2 :: COMPUTER SYSTEMS
Limited (125 of 125 remaining)
per month
This Project is about TECHNOLOGY... and my desperate need to catch up with the world in my knowledge about it.

You can see by the name of this project, it is about COMPUTER SYSTEMS.  I need different types of systems, printers, and other accessories to help me accomplish my creative and business goals.

This is our life now - technology, internet, software.

I have budgeted for at least two good-to-great systems with this tier.  As we go along, I may repeat it to fill needs I cannot see right now.  I consider this tier a 12  MONTH  PROJECT.


--  IMMEDIATELY, you will begin to receive Monthly UPDATES.
--  After three (3) months, you will be eligible to offer FEEDBACK on the process.
--  After six (6) months, you will be eligible for a related FREE ITEM, something created by a computer system you helped to purchase.  Depending on how long it takes to finish this project, you will receive one free gift for every six months of paid membership. These will be sent to you as soon as they are created and you are eligible to receive them.

When the Project is completed,
all Patrons who supported it
will receive a THANK YOU Gift.




per month


26 March 2020
I have been busy organizing my plans for growing this space.  This week I made a chart and realized I don't need as many patrons as I thought I did.  I want to find the best amount for you and for me.  So, I am again updating my tiers to change those numbers AND any other information that needs to be updated.
Deborah Martin



For now, I will keep the 10 tiers and increments of $5 between each tier. 
This will become a foundation for future options.

1     $5       FOR  EVERYONE

2     $10     2020 PROJECT 1  ::  DESIGN  TOOLS
3     $15     2020 PROJECT 2  ::  COMPUTER  SYSTEMS
4     $20     2020 PROJECT 3  ::  MY  FIRST  BOOK
5     $25     WT PROJECTS  ::  INMATE  NEWS
10   $50     RECYCLING  ::  CEMENT  MIXERS

These tiers will meet my beginning needs.  When I have the workspaces and equipment I need to go forward, I will reduce this list.  In my organizing this week, I made my budget estimates based on the PROJECT time and what I think it will cost to cover all the needs of each project.  I will be gathering more detailed information now, and will revisit these financial estimates then.

BOLD  titled tiers are my main interests.  The others are my growth needs and special projects.  Some are projected to take 3 months, most are estimated at 6 months, and a few are long-term projects of 12 to 24 months.

BENEFITS are now staggered and increasing in value according to the months of membership you invest in me. 
IMMEDIATE benefits are monthly updates. 
At 3 MONTHS you will receive an entry-level benefit like discounts, feedback asks, or special offers.  The Art Prints tier sends patrons a free small art print every three months.
At 6 MONTHS many of the tiers have a free gift/sample associated with that tier. (Jewelry, books, newspaper subscriptions, etc.)
12  MONTH and longer projects have a longer wait for some of their benefits, like patron mentions in my book after 24 MONTHS of support, and patron names listed in a special insert for the first issue of  INMATE  NEWS. 

If you are a patron to any tier for 12 MONTHS, you will receive some kind of THANK YOU gift from me -- every twelve months. These gifts will be valued according to your tier investments.  I want you to know how much your long-term relationship with me means to me and my dreams.  Everyone who contributes to my 2020 CHALLENGE will receive a Thank You gift.

SHIPPING  COSTS  are still included in the membership fee.


My new focus is to create small steps to big goals... to look at the costs of each project, gather enough Patrons to fund it, end the tier when the project has been completed, and deliver the promised benefit. 

A new project MIGHT be opened to replace the completed project, keeping the membership price the same.  I will warn patrons when this is happening so you can decide if you want to continue your support.

Membership fees have to cover the costs of the benefit plus provide for the creation of each product goal.  

I will be putting all the TIER  DETAILS under each tier title.

Soon I hope to have photos or graphics that help identify each tier.  (My Video Production tier is meant to help with this.)

PATREON is still my main focus for the rest of my online existence...I think it is full of amazing possibilities.  I am seriously working toward my goal of  ONE  MILLION  new supporters for my $5 CHALLENGE.  I think it is a wonderful motivation to learn and grow.

REMINDER ::  I am currently posting mostly at the PUBLIC level to share my quest and my process and the details of what I am trying to do. After MARCH I will begin posting more at individual tiers to share my actions concerning them.  Public posts will still happen, just not as much as before... moving into a once-a-month status.

I am hoping this year will be a time of great changes and good blessings for me.  As GOD blesses me, I am able to share with others, including my patrons.   

I always joke about winning a BIG lottery prize, but my 2020 CHALLENGE is something much better than winning the lottery... especially if a lot of you stay around for the process that follows.  We will be able to conquer some hard global problems together.

Thank you to those who make that commitment.

In Christ,
Deb Martin


and my first affiliate link at PRINTFUL --

As Patreon is set up right now, I believe you can only support ONE tier, especially with the way I have it set up.  Please choose the tier that best fits your heart and budget.

For now, please be aware of the following essentials for my partnership with you as a member-supporter.  They apply to all tiers and patrons.
  • Benefits are varied and will be made available on a first-come/first-served basis.
  • Shipping costs are included in your membership fees.
  • The eligibility period for receiving benefits is different for each tier, so be sure you understand what your chosen tier offers and when you will be eligible to receive it.
  • With my new organization efforts, I will AUTOMATICALLY  SEND  your benefits as you qualify for them. This is why your shipping address is required when you sign up to support me.
  • I will be creating as many unique to Patreon items for my supporters as I can. This is my goal. I want my supporters to know they are valued by me and this is one way to show that. As time goes by, I will get better at doing this. 

Please share this link with anyone you think might
become one of my supporters.

PS -- I am still working toward an INTRO video...getting in front of the selfie process is very hard for me... but I am working on it.  :-)  I am hoping for the HERO system to help me!

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My 2020 goal is to raise one million supporters for my $5 FOR EVERYONE tier.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts

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