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About Alex

Hi! My name is Alex Thomassen, but on the internet I usually go by the name Decicus or Cactus.

I'm a 24-year-old developer from Norway, and I have developed a good chunk of tools used by both Twitch streamers and chat moderators.

One of my projects is called DecAPI, an open source platform that hosts custom APIs and their primary usage is to extend the functionality of chat bots on Twitch.
DecAPI is open-source and available (on GitHub) for anyone to use and host themselves if they want to, but there's also a hosted version under that I currently manage and pay for out-of-pocket for those that are unable to.
There's also some documentation for DecAPI, which primarily targets the more advanced users of the service.

I've also hosted my "tools" website under for the past year or so, which is currently hosting the following pages:

Another thing I've been developing and hosting for a while is Twitch Log Bot, which has been hosted under
Due to (mainly) costs, this is limited to the channels that have requested some sort of logs from me, or where I've personally found it useful for moderation purposes.
It doesn't have many advanced features, since its primary purpose is to look up the chat history for one specific user.

The last thing I'm going to mention specifically is my blog. While I haven't been extremely good at posting new posts there, it still has some useful stuff on it.
Some of which is the documentation for the custom APIs on DecAPI and the undocumented API endpoints for Twitch that I've found.


The Discord related to my projects is open to the public (even if the fancy roles are Patreon-only).
Click here to join the Discord!


The goal of this Patreon isn't to cover all my costs, or to make any of my projects "pay-to-use".
I'm currently fine with paying for everything out of pocket, but it ends up cutting into my "fun budget".
If you appreciate my work and you can afford helping out, then I'd appreciate any support I can get.

Any support received through Patreon will primarily go towards:
  1. Hosting costs
  2. Backups
  3. Domain fees (typically yearly)
Thanks for looking at my Patreon page and feel free to email me, DM me on Twitter or adding me on Discord (Decicus#0001 - though I'd prefer if you join the Discord first as you won't need to send me a friend request) if you have any questions, suggestions or any other concerns.
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