Emotional Stability and Processing for High-Stakes Situations

Emotional Stability and Processing for High-Stakes Situations

Deep Emotional Work by Matthias Behrends

Emotional Stability and Processing for High-Stakes Situations

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Bespoke Intervention (Personal)

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Work through an emotional challenge with a series of interventions under the personal guidance of Matthias Behrends (MB).

This tier includes 70 minutes of time provided by MB personally. This time can be divided into smaller segments according to your preferences.

Services that use up your time credits:

  • Have one or more online video calls with Matthias Behrends. You can participate alone or with anyone you like.

  • Optional: Written or voicemail check-ins between sessions. Time will be deducted from your time credits in 5-minute increments.

Included services that do not impact your time credits:

  • Optional: Feel free to prepare for the call(s) by sending information in advance so that MB can get an overview of the topics and ensure that the time during the call is used effectively. If MB has any questions or needs clarification, he will let you know in writing before the meeting.

  • A written (digital) follow-up by MB after each call: A summary of key takeaways and additional points that emerge after some reflection.

  • If explicitly requested: The call(s) can be recorded (audio only), which you can later download and keep via a secure link. This option is only available if you asked MB to record the call at the beginning of the meeting. The recording is for your personal use only and may not be published in any form. Recordings are stored in an encrypted, HIPAA-certified location for up to 12 months and are automatically deleted. Please don't hesitate to request permanent deletion of our copy of the recording at any time.


  • It is common for recipients to start and stop (or upgrade and downgrade) this tier as needed to charge their time credits.

  • Purchased time credits remain active and can be redeemed within 12 months of purchase. It is not necessary to remain a Patreon member (at any level) to redeem your time credit.

  • There is no refund for unused time or services.

  • Online video (or audio) calls

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