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The Tip Jar
per month

The Tip Jar デジタル投げ銭ばこ

For friends and fans who simply want to support what I’m already doing. 

For your $1 a month donation get exclusive access to:

  • my Patreon only feed
  • Behind the scenes photos and videos when I’m filming on location, rehearsing for concerts or making new music
  • I’ll be sure to follow you on Instagram or Twitter and accept Facebook friend requests (limited to number of friends FB allows!) 😂 


  • パトロンしか アクセスできないニュースフィードを見れます
  • 観光案内VTRのロケーション撮影中、生演奏ライブコンサートの前、リハーサルや新曲を作っているときの写真とビデオを見れます
  • インスタ、ツイッターをフォローするとフェイスブックの友達リクエストを受けます!
The Idea Factory
per month

$5 The Idea Factory デレイナのアイデア工場

I’m always coming up with new song ideas and I regularly post them BUT they’re never perfect or polished in the first draft. These are special looks into my creative process and I only want to share them with friends I trust. If you care enough to support my work at this level then that includes you! 

  • exclusive access to my First Drafts Song Playlist which gets added to regularly 
  • exclusive access to my Patrons only private Instagram account
  • Plus all the other benefits from the above $1 tier!



  • ファーストドラフト曲のプレイリスト(よくアップデートします)のリンクにアクセスができる
  • パトロンのみのインスタ個人アカウントにもアクセスできる
  • プラス上の1ドルサポートの特典のすべてももらえる!
Music Makers ミュージックメーカーズ
per month

Music Makers ミュージックメーカーズ

If you’re an aspiring musical artist or writer (songs or otherwise) this is where I’ll share the good stuff like:

  • lead sheets/sheet music for my original songs and arrangements of Jazz and pop standards
  • video tutorials on how to play or sing songs 
  • access to video recordings of previous full length live concerts
  • Plus all the other benefits from the above $1 and $5 tiers!


  • オリジナル曲とアレンジしたジャズとポップス曲のリードシートや楽譜のPDF
  • 曲の歌え方やギター弾き方のビデオチュートリアル
  • フールライブコンサートのビデオレコーディング
  • プラス上の$1と$5の全ても!



About Delaina

Thanks so much for dropping in on my Patreon page! (日本語は英文の下にありますよ!)
I'm an American singer/ songwriter/ narrator/ actress and aspiring writer living and creating in northern Japan where the sushi is plentiful and ideas keep me awake well into the sunrise many nights.
With support from patrons I’ll be writing and producing new music, videos and spreading retro jazz modern pop joy to the world. And eventually publishing novels and other stories.
I’ve set my Patreon style to a monthly one time donation where Patrons will be charged at the top of the month or as soon as they join. This allows me a low pressure environment to offer you lots and lots of content!
I think I’ve come up with some pretty fun rewards for patrons which you can check out below like special access to works in progress, new music and more!





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