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I am Delz, and I build quests mods for Skyrim.
Essentially Lovecraftian or adult themed mods, but also frameworks and other themed stories. With my mods, skyrim become a more strange and interesting place.

First, a little disclaimer :
All my quests are original works of pure fantasy fiction, inspired by history, games, novels, or movies as artistic influences. All characters depicted are completely fictional and without exception at least 18+ years of age. Fiction and fantasy in art are arenas in which transgressive ideas can be explored or enjoyed safely and freely. These scenes are intended as erotic art and are absolutely NOT an endorsement or celebration of misogynistic, sexist or abusive behaviour.

My mods are mostly developed for female player characters.
The major mods are :

- The Night Mistress Mansion.
A mod inspirated by Quo Vagis for Fallout 3. Meet the strange Axia Lilvahi in her Mansion, help to her to develop Mansions around skyrim, hire staff, solve problems. Photoshoot more than 150 women and publish erotics issues!

- Deadly Pleasures :
A joint venture with Komotor! A quest mod about kinky exhibitions, blackmail, and girls stories. Please visit Komotor's patreon :

Older and other little mods :

- From the Deeps :
A quest mod inspired by the Novel Innsmouth's Nightmare. Visit a strange village in Skyrim, and discover the truth...

- Ravenous :
Inspirated by Sweeny Todd and Rats in the Wall novel.

- A Forsworn Story :
My first mod. A DLC sized quest mod about forsworns shamanism and rituals.

- Haunted House :
A mod inspirated by Amnesia and Resident Evil. Find your way out of a scary Manor...

- Deadly Traps and Curses :
A simple mod who make traps more dangerous...

- Neophytes of Dibella :
An addon for the excellent mod Sisterhood of Dibella by DeepBlueFrog (you can find that mod here : It add 5 neophytes in skyrim cities, and an actor event to make the sisters bless skyrim citizens.

Also Planned :

- A rework of Things in the dark, with a complete redone of frameworks (it will take... lot of time !).
TID is a huge mod, which propose a new city, a new race, 40 new quests, and frameworks (like capurind and taming slaves, worshiping the Old Gods, train servants...)

I am looking to continue to evolve seriously (I'm currently learning Python, in hope to mod other games like the Sims) and make better mods, in term of code and scenario (Some works are planned on Deadly Traps, AFS, TID...). Your support is essential so that I can continue to progress and bring you always more quality.

Thank you!
21% complete
- Buying a new computer, for convert the current mods to Skyrim SE mods.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts

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