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Hi, we’re the Dead Gentlemen! We’re mostly known for our films—in particular the Gamers movies (The Gamers, The Gamers: Dorkness Rising, and The Gamers: Hands of Fate)—and our webseries JourneyQuest. But before all of that, there was Demon Hunters.

So what's it all about?
The stories are true. All of them. Every myth, folktale, horror story, and urban legend. The world is full of nightmares, and the Brotherhood of the Celestial Torch is there to stop them. The Brotherhood is a secret organization of mortals, monsters, and demigods on a divine quest to keep the world safe from the forces of Evil. Fighting demons and madmen. Dark wizards and transdimensional terrors. Pushing back the Apocalypse one battle at a time.

And then there's the Omega Chapters. The newbies. The cannon fodder. They pretty much do the grunt work that actual Hunters can't be bothered with and get killed off by the bucketload. Demon Hunters is the story of an Omega chapter.

Interesting, tell me more...

This is Gabriel. Gabriel used work for the Brotherhood. He was a Demon Hunter, and he was one of the best. Until something bad happened. Most of his team was killed, and the blame fell on him. They kicked him out of the only life he’s ever known. Now he's sitting in a bar, well past drunk and working hard to forget. But an unexpected visitor is about to show up to pull him out of his funk and get him back to work...

This sounds a little familiar...
Demon Hunters was the first movie the Dead Gentlemen ever made together—way back in 1999—and it's stayed close to our hearts. We made a sequel, Demon Hunters: Dead Camper Lake a couple years later before moving on the the Gamers films, but we always wanted to go back. In 2007, we got a chance to revisit Gabriel's world when we co-produced the Demon Hunters Roleplaying Game with Margaret Weis Productions. Included with the game was The Brotherhood Orientation Video, a half-hour introduction to the Demon Hunters universe that updated the canon, brought some of the original cast out of retirement, and introduced some new takes on old characters. After that, well, not much happened. We moved on to other projects, leaving the future of the Demon Hunters franchise in Limbo. Until now...

And now it's a comic, huh?
Demon Hunters is a full re-imagining of the franchise in a weekly webcomic format. We're telling Gabriel's story from the very beginning, the way it's meant to be told—without the artificial limitations of a zero-dollar budget and an all-college-student cast. We meet up with Gabriel well before the events of the first movie and learn how they became a team, and all the tragedies and missteps along the way to their confrontation with the Earthwalker and beyond.

Who's making this thing?
The comic is being written by Jimmy McMichael, with art by Ben Honeycutt. You might recognize Jimmy as "Herr Doktor" in the Demon Hunters movies, but he also co-wrote the Demon Hunters RPG and the Brotherhood Orientation Video. He's Dead Gentlemen's resident expert on all things Demon Huntery. Demon Hunters is Ben Honeycutt's first project with Dead Gentlemen, but so far he's knocking it out of the park. Seriously, he rocks, and Gabriel and his team have never looked better!

Okay, so how does this Patreon thing work?
As much as they'd love to do Demon Hunters for a living, Jimmy and Ben both have full time jobs that aren't even slightly related to hunting demons. Maybe someday that can change. By pledging your support, you help get us closer to our Milestone Goals, and free the guys up to devote more time to the comic. With your help, we can add more features and regular columns to the site, and move Demon Hunters from a once-a-week comic to a two-, or even three-times-a-week comic! Every little bit helps!

So check us out at! If you like what you see, please tell your friends. Spread the gospel of Demon Hunters to the farthest corners of the earth! If you've got more questions, or just want to tell us how excited you are about the comic (us too!) you can reach us on Twitter at @DG_DemonHunters.

Thanks for checking us out! We hope you stick around, 'cause we've got one hell of a story to tell!
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