DemonKiller is creating Translation of the Chinese Web Novel "The Gate Of Good Fortune"


$1 /mo
You are just a normal beings, numerous and in every corner of the universe. Pledging $1 shows how much you respect the mighty Demon Army.

But since you offer us your prayers, you wil...


Qi Gathering Soldiers

$5 /mo
You have just begun carving your path in the ruthless cultivation world taking baby steps at a time. As a brand new foot soldiers of our Demon Army, you must follow your orders from above without q...

True Condensation Luitenants

$10 /mo
A true condensation cultivator is still considered a fairly small existence in the grand scheme of things. You can choose to either form a small team of your own or dedicate your life to getting st...

Essence Building Marquise

$15 /mo
Essence Building cultivators can chose to be lords over small countries or even establish sects on the lower leveled continents. But then again orders will have to be followed when the army calls o...

Profound Congealing Junior Commander

$20 /mo
Once you reach this level, your status would immediately skyrocket to a fairly important position and you can now command a fairly large team under your wing.

But since you offer us ...


Profound Core Commanders

$25 /mo
At this level, you would start to have access to more profound weapons and cultivation manuals and will also have the right to take in a personal disciple.

But since you offer us you...


Soul Essence High Commanders

$30 /mo
From this level onward, you would not have to take part in everyday skirmishes unless the opponent also is at your level. You can relax till that time, managing the legions under you from afar.



Soul Sculpting Majors

$35 /mo
You are in charge of majority of the day to day activities in maintaining and managing the Demon Army and will only be sent into battle until it is absolutely necessary.

But since yo...


Sea Opening Vice Generals

$40 /mo
You are the acting head of the Demon Army.

But since you offer us your prayers and services, you will be awarded with 9 unedited chapters. 

For fairness to...


Crucible Transformation Generals

$45 /mo
The reclusive experts of the army, will only come into existence when the army is on the brink of annihilation.

But since you offer us your prayers and services, you will be awarded ...


Realm Breakers

$100 /mo
A special team of highly specialized experts that protects the world from external threats.

You will have full access to all the unedited chapter from our stockpile. Which means you ...