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About Denix67


Hello there, you might be new here, or not, doesn't matter.


I usually do gaming videos and streams on YouTube and Twitch. This Patreon is here to help sustain more in-deph videos regarding Video Game culture and topics as well as helpful guides for various games or even for day-to-day quality of life improvement.

1. PREVIEW - Hands-on Game Previews (send your game, it's FREE)
- FREE exposure for anybody that wants me to look at their game

Terms and conditions for those interested:
- Send your game key, concept or idea to denix67pr(at)gmail(dot)com (written this way to prevent random spam bots)

2. Game Patches - Updates and hands-on demonstrations
- Checking out and revisiting games I previewed or changes in ever-changing games such as competitive games and rogue-likes
- Previewing new content
- Discussing effect on the game's overall enjoyment factor as well as balance and meta to the best of my knowledge

3. Discussion videos:
- Analyzing current events and concerns in the gaming community
- Checking out game changes that concern the community
- Discussing current practices and ideas
- Finding ways to solve gaming's current issues in an open discussion with anybody that wants to chip in their ideas



- Live Previews of new games I get my hand on
- Live Theory Crafting and testing weird interactions and builds
- Live games with viewer interactions


I also do less elaborate videos on the side that don't require Patreon support, such as:

- Playing games I find interesting and explaining each game's strong point in the process


How are the payments made?

At the start of every month you will be charged the amount you pledged and get access to the rewards for the tier you selected.
More details here!

Can I change or delete my pledge?
Yes, your current pledge can be changed or cancelled at any time before the start of the month, when it starts being processed.
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How to I get my Discord rewards?
Nicely presented by Patreon here.
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TIER 1 - Supporter!
per month
Your name mentioned in videos and streams (as much as possible)

  • I can continue making the videos / graphics you like 

Specific to this post:

  • Name in lights - Your name (or nickname) will be included in the Awesome Patrons scroll in videos and streams as much as possible
  • VIP Discord Access - You will have access to the Amazing Patrons Discord role (includes Patreon-only channel + future exclusives) 
Includes Discord rewards
TIER 2 - Early Viewer
per month
Watch videos while I am editing them before they go live!

  • I can continue making the videos you like
  • Previous Rewards

Specific to this tier:

  • Early Access - See uploaded, not yet published videos as I add the finishing touches to them before publishing to everybody (this does not include time-sensitive events)

This includes:

  • Access to videos with 1-3 days (or more) in advance
  • Access to the thumbnails I make in advance and larger resolution!
Includes Discord rewards
$4 of $800 per month
GOAL 1 - Full Time Job

I can move to doing this full time and dedicate my time and efforts into my work, more perks and more rewards for all of you.
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