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Exactly as the title suggests... you are showing me some love just because you want to do something nice for me. I only need 2000 people to do this and my dreams and goals are fulfilled too! 
What do you get in return? Well, it's a donation, so you'll have my absolute DEEPEST appreciation for being incredibly cool to me in sending me this little but thoughtful amount. THANK YOU!

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Once a month, I will schedule a Youtube hangout session. Date and time will vary each month. I'll let everybody know ahead of time.

And what shall we talk about in our hang out sessions?
Well, you can ask me anything about the following topics: 
-idol culture
-idols I work with (to a degree. I will not share personal or private information about anyone I work with)
-my life here in Japan
-fun, wacky, weird questions.

Or we can just talk. I'm interested in knowing about YOU as well. This is all about symbiosis!




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About Derek Vasconi

First, THANK YOU. Just for even taking a few minutes out of your life to check out my Patreon page, I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am. Even if you don't send a single dollar my way, that's okay. I am happy to just have you here.

Oh what's that? You DO want to help me? Right on! Then I probably should tell you about myself a little, and maybe give you an idea of what I'm trying to do here, huh? 

Here goes nothing:

My name is Derek Vasconi. I'm the former guitar player for the metal band, From a Second Story Window, and currently I'm an entrepreneur, horror author, movie script writer, and lover of Japanese underground idols. I'm also the author of the multiple award winning, best selling Japanese horror novel, KAI, which was released in 2016 to many accolades. For as long as I can remember, I've been on a mad rush every single day to produce and create. It's like I am buying into Terror Management Theory or something. I feel like every second on this earth I need to make count. And you know, I've never in my entire life asked anyone for money like this. I didn't even realize I could. I mean, I've always been super independent, save for maybe one very dark period in my life a long time ago, but other than that moment, I've been supporting myself with the work I do every single day. Whether it's working crappy real life jobs, or teaching people what I know about the things I know, or being creative, I have found a way to work on making my dreams come true without depending on somebody to help make those dreams come true.
Until now.
I'm at the point where real life has seriously encroached on me and my creative endeavors. And it's not like I'm poor and hungry and destitute. I'm not any of those things--- Yet! I don't plan to be in the future either, but basically, I'm hoping to free up time to devote more of my life to being JUST creative, and not so much a person who has to constantly find the next job to pay the bills. I hate living like that, even though there is a certain kind of freedom that goes along with working for yourself. But it's also like working 80 hours a week for myself to avoid working 40 hours for somebody else. It's just getting to be too much. 
Also, I don't feel entitled, exactly, to being allowed the chance for creative freedom every day. I want to earn it, and have no problem working hard to really make sure you understand that any money I make here, I'm going to put to good use in the sense that it frees up time for me to do all of the following:

1. Work more closely with Japanese idols to make idol photobooks, idol music, idol documentaries, and create more opportunities for foreign idol fans to connect with Japanese idols! This is currently what I'm doing the most right now, as I have fallen waaaaay down the idol rabbit hole and so far, there does not seem that I'll be climbing out of the underground idol universe anytime soon.

2. Write! I have seven books I'm currently working on, including a trilogy that might end up being probably ANOTHER six or seven books when all is said and done. It's about a love story set to the end of the world, and while I know that sounds ultra cliche, I promise you MY take on this idea is anything BUT cliche. Ever hear of Pan Gu and the mythos surrounding it? How about Cryptozoology? Want a main character who had a girlfriend when he was just a little boy who turned out to be imaginary... or was she? Yeah, that's the primary concept behind this epic tale, which I'm going on several years now of writing and am up to a whopping 2000 pages... and I'm only on book one! There's over 100 characters in my story, and if I can be so bold as to equate my books to a series that is so amazing, it's like the modern day Game of Thrones. Think HBO's next big series in about three more years, assuming I get time to write and finish my story in this life and not the next! 

3. I want to create an RPG game that echoes those old NES classics that I played so much when I was a kid. I have some coding under my belt but more importantly, I have a great story and some fun mechanics for my RPG that I want to try out, and I think it would be nothing short of epic if I can pull it off. This is definitely a long-term dream in development.

I have more dreams, more ideas to pursue, but this is enough for now. I don't want to get too ambitious. As somebody who has never asked for this kind of help before, I don't know exactly what I'm supposed to ask from you, other than your patience in reading all of this! However, I do know that I have a lot of creative opportunities to share DIRECTLY with you if you support my vision and what I'm doing as a creative individual. Check out everything I'm offering okay? And if you see something that makes sense to you, then I sincerely hope to show you what I'm doing in exchange for your contribution. And again, THANK YOU. It means so much to me you even care. 

$605.35 of $2,000 per month
This amount covers my daily living expenses here in Tokyo. It allows me to breathe easy and focus solely on my creative art.
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