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  • A Thank you at the end of Each Video done in the production block you are a Patron for
  • Access to Reviews 1 week before general release.
  • Access to All Patreon posts not listed in the $5 goal
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About Des Shinta

Have you ever looked back at something and wondered how it could be better? Seen a show and not had the time to watch it yourself because it's subtitled, or similarly a game you couldn't get through because of it's length? Been baffled by an incompetent narrative to the point you want to see someone nitpick every little detail? Thought that Power Rangers' recent years could have been done far, far More competently?

Hi, I'm Des Shinta, and I do reviews of Various media franchises. And I would like your help in keeping my show running.

I've been doing reviews Since 2011, and over that time I've found my Niche and style. but not much support. With the help of Patreon however, I intend to upgrade my show in both production Quality and viewer interest.

On my show I Produce:

(CANCELLED OUTSIDE OF SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES) Tokusatsu in review: an In-depth look at  a given series within the Genre of Tokusatsu (Live action special effects series), weighted by modern standards and personal opinion. Tokusatsu is a wide genre most notable for beginning with the creation of Godzilla, and is where the source material for Power Rangers and similar shows originate from. I cover Any Series of Japanese or general asian Origin that has special effects work in it, and also any live-action adaptations of Japanese Source materials.

RPG Hell: an In-depth look at the genre of video games most focused on telling a Story and building a fun world. I give a walkthrough of events and try to do as much as I am capable of doing, all the while critiquing the narrative and the elements that work. Any RPG or RPG-like video game is up for grabs here.

.Hack//Retrospective and similar Multimedia Franchises: Yes, on occasion looks at full franchises in all feasible incarnations find their way onto the show, most notably an in-depth look at a glorious but rather underrated series of Games/Anime/manga/novels focused around the Malicious in-series game of "The world" known as .Hack. I work to cover all of the content made available and piece it together into a flowing narrative so even those not interested in tracking down every bit can know the highlights.

I Spend a lot of time talking about the details, getting into the heads of characters and not just summarizing down to the core plotpoints, as I feel that the more one can understand something, the more appropriately it is shown respect; how great it's brilliant moments are, and how disastrous the bad executions are implemented. That education I find important, along with my own attempts at snark, deconstruction and comedy. But by knowing more, you and your own opinion are are all the more informed.
As a consequence however, I don't look at a lot of different series in a given year.
...but that's something I'm hoping Patreon can help me with.

Bar extenuating circumstances, Each month you will see:
4 Scripted reviews
4 Vlogs on currently running tokusatsu series.
That's the standard show.

But with Patreon's help, you can see far more than that.
Become a Patron, and once the first goal is reached ($50), Patrons will see a monthly exclusive video, which will remain that way until the next is ready to release.

Further benchmark goals consist of projects I want to do reviews of, but can't due to various limitations of time, quality, and desired intricacy that aren't possible on my current budget.

All funding will be going towards improving the show for the immediate timebeing (Better editing software, computer, physical copies of content), but in the future will allow for me to produce other content that are in the planning stages; along with allowing for a slight increase in my living expenses

Want to see the show? You can find me at these locations:
My Blog

You can set whatever amount you like per month, which will fund my efforts to keep on living, and keep on doing what I've come to love.
$173 of $300 per month
Sword Art Online.  That is all
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