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Politics these days is a chaotic and confusing business. It's hard to know which side is up in a torrent of information, propaganda and partisan bias. 

Which is why, especially in these politically unstable times, it's necessary to understand the politically unstable times that came before us. From the bloody carnage of the Peloponnesian War to the gentlemanly treason of the American Founding Fathers, History sets our own struggles in context. It helps us to realize that we're not the first people to tackle the problems we're struggling with today. And hopefully, after some thought and contemplation, it gives us a framework from which we can use to find solutions. 

Politics these days lacks context. It also lacks Reason. While the old Political orthodoxies, such as Marxism, Liberalism, and Burkean Conservatism were internally consistent worldviews, modern politics is often inconsistent, born more out of political necessity rather than intellectual consistency. This only ends up adding to our confusion. 

I'm hoping to clear the air a little. Using History, I hope to give modern politics a bit of context. Using Philosophy, I hope to give them a bit of reason. 

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