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You will still get to see the many posts I share in the Posts section of my page as well as all the goodies over on my Wordpress, BandCamp & YouTube pages

Thank you and enjoy the ride,
Neal Visher
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About Design By NV

Hi there,

My name is Michael. I also go by the name Neal Visher and DesignByNV for my music, writings and comedy schiz. Thank you for visiting.

My hopes would be to meet each and every one of you by way of a mobile art & music studio; however, we're pretty 'stuck right here' for a time being. Well that's not so bad now is it?

My offerings may come in the form of Text, Audio, Video or a combination of different media types, such as:

Music & songs in different genres when I have proper access to the right instruments. Acoustic, Electronic, Rock, Blues, etc are all styles I produce in.

I write such things as poetry, quotes, awed thoughts, essays & even what I might consider to be my comedy schiz.

I'm a decent photographer as shown in my fusion art projects where I combine my photos with my poetry & quotes and I've been known to write short comedy skits.

I prefer to employ freestyle, channeling & automatic, or faith-based techniques over anything else. Editing is an art in, and of, itself. It's also led me to creating games for breaking ice at parties and useful inventions of sorts. So grateful.

Vocalgebra Lesson #235:

Gratitude is really just the words Great + Attitude and so I spell it thusly: Grattitude.

PS: Here are some examples of my throughput in the Posts section and below, I believe. Please enjoy the music, writings & comedy through Design By NV. I/we thank you for your encouragement & support,

Should you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, remix & collaboration requests or if you would like to license any of my works for private or public use, let's talk: [email protected]

Oh yeah, there are plenty more goodies in the grab bag over on my Word Press page for DesignByNV Pleas be sure to check it out, Thank you,

Neal Visher

Please enjoy some of my Acoustic styles on Me Tube.

$0 of $200 per month
My wife and I have had a spectacular series of tribulations this last year or two and we find ourselves literally living the life of "All you need is Love".

Ahhhhh, Love. Plenty of thanks for that.

It has given us time for nothing save following our passions and using our downtime wisely no matter how 'up' or 'down' we are at any given point. We're both in the playground together, so why not play on the see-saw together too right?

My/our goal, for she is an integral part of my growth as a human, being; is to keeps striving to create & share that which comes through us with the rest of the world. As well as survive without relying on corporations or the government by driving our own creativity by using our heart & soul.

$200 per month (shared between us at this point) would allow us to move to the next, basic level of self-sufficiency in our lives together. It would allow for the purchase of better equipment for writing, art supplies and the creation of poetry, prose, and the like.

We hope we can make you laugh, cry and at find something out there to help people remember that life IS worth living, no matter what Life throws your way :)

Then pretty soon, we can literally share the wealth with everyone.

Thank you,

Crybaby Lang
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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