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A donation of $12 per year is nothing to sneeze at.  If you feel passionate enough about this to spend even a dollar per month it helps us get to our goals.  Everybody runs under a salary cap, we appreciate that you drafted us, even if its for a buck a month.  Know that you'll get a hearty 'thank you' from us for your support.
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Memories Of Sam Martin

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This is the Sam Martin level of help.  Every team needs a punter, the uninitiated won't recognize him until he doesn't show up.  We need our punters, they are the ones that will help get us over the top.  Those who commit at this level will gain access to any bonus content we create as well as earn that hearty 'thank you' for their support.
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The Gunslinger

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So you think you are a gunslinger, do you?  Well that's good, this is our Stafford level of support.  We're going to need you to help us hit our targets.  Supporters at this level will gain priority access to any bonus content we create as well as earn that hearty 'thank you' for their support.
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About Detroit Lions Podcast

Before we do anything else, we need to thank the great community at /r/DetroitLions for their support and encouragement so far.  This project and its growth has been a direct result of the great feedback they've provided since June of 2015.  We've gotten an amazing podcast off the ground and are even #1 when you search Detroit Lions on iTunes.

Now, we're looking to build upon that success.  We have brought on 7 writers and an editor to help us take our contribution to the Lions community to the next level.  Our goal is to become your go-to location for news, opinion, and information related to the Detroit Lions.  There are 2 key pieces to this goal:

  1. We want to provide a place for aspiring journalists and writers (who also happen to be Redditors) to "find their voice" and do the job they are training to do in a place that provides a wide viewership while also giving them opportunity for near-instant community feedback and interaction via Reddit.  This is a place for these folks to build a resume and launch their careers.
  2. We want to bring new users into the Detroit Lions community on Reddit.  This is a form of outreach and a way to grow the subreddit user base such that we can ensure that we are the largest, most active, and best informed Detroit Lions fans anywhere on the internet.
Building upon this success is going to require a serious facelift for the website (we're not just a podcast anymore) and access to high quality digital media assets.  This is where we need your help.

So far, this has been a labor of love that Chris has graciously funded, and now we have all of the expansion pieces in place, except for one - Digital Media rights.

I'm not sure if you've ever tried to license digital media, much less NFL-related digital media, but it costs more than you might predict; significantly more.  This is where we have hit a roadblock.  There isn't funding available to provide this crucial portion of the new experience.  We need your help to get that funding.

Additionally, as we thought about various ways to raise funds, we decided that we didn't want to ask more than once.  Death by a thousand cuts might be standard for Lions fans, but it isn't the way we want to work.  So we decided to add a few studio upgrades into the mix here to help ensure that we provide the very best quality podcast and guests to our listeners.

This is not (and never has been) a money-making venture, but we want to make this the very best it can be.  Anything earned here will go directly back into the project and be re-invested to ensure we bring you the very best product we can.  For this, we turn to you...

One point of note: Access to the Slack chat can be revoked if user's actions are deemed (at our sole discretion) to be detrimental to the community.
$669.99 of $1,000 per month
This goal will help us expand our digital media subscription and upgrade the studio equipment for our podcasters.  Also, it will help us to obtain our mobile podcasting equipment which in turn allows us to broadcast live from Lions' events (e.g, tailgates).
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