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is creating Honestly: A Series on Loss, Learning, and Laughing
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About Sara Langworthy

Who am I?
I’m an author, a consultant, a speaker, a YouTuber, a Podcaster, a recovering academic with a PhD in child psychology, a singer, an athlete, and I help run a thing called Beer Choir. I have many and varied interests, and I love having an unconventional career that allows me to be both creative and practical.

Honestly, I’ve done a lot of different kinds of things that don’t fit a traditional mold or path. But at my core, I’m passionate about creating meaningful things and experiences that inspire, challenge, and move people. That takes many shapes and forms, including, but certainly not limited to, the Honestly series.

Why Contribute?
Honestly, I’m building a business, and doing that is hard, time intensive, and expensive. Your support helps me make more, better videos, written pieces, and even a podcast. Patreon is one of the many ways I make money to help support my family and my work. Making money here gives me some freedom to devote more of my time and energy to creative pursuits like making meaningful stuff rather than chasing after the next consulting project or speaking gig to pay the bills. Your support helps me continue to devote my time and energy to creating quality content you, and others like you, find valuable.

It’s not a glamorous answer. Sometimes the honest ones aren’t.

PS - Being a Patron also makes you pretty rad in my book. So there’s that too, fwiw. :)
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Honestly, I'd like to see the community of people who support my work grow slowly, steadily and sustainably so I can keep creating. So if my work has meant something to you, share it with others. That means more to me than anything.
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