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- Thank you! You just made my day!
- Your name will be listed on the Patrons page of my website at  

- Join us over in the closed Facebook group: "Devoted Dreamers Podcast Insiders"  and join the tribe! 

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About Merritt Onsa

Hi! I'm Merritt, and I believe every woman has a dream and that she was uniquely created by our Creator God and given good gifts to use for His glory and her good. But as I looked at my own life and the struggles of the women I knew, I was seeing way more fear, insecurity and comparison than I was seeing a sincere belief in WHO we are and WHOSE we are. That's why I started The Devoted Dreamers Podcast--for Christian women, you and for me--to give us hope, encouragement and a path to follow in order to live out our assignment from Jesus in this life.  

Through interviews on the podcast I share powerful stories of women stepping into their fears, fighting back insecurity and saying no to comparison so that they can live out their God-given purpose. And there's room for you in this, too.

First, if you're a listener--> Thank You!! If these stories weren't impacting you, if they weren't needed, if you weren't listening, I wouldn't be here. Thank you for commenting, reviewing, texting, DMing and emailing me to share how you've been blessed by hearing from my guests, and thank you for sharing recommendations of the women you most want to hear from. Your participation in the show is such a blessing, and I want to hear more from you!

If you're here because you're interested in investing in my work to empower women in pursuing their God-shaped dreams, WOW! Thank you! We all need cheerleaders, people who remind us that the work we're doing is important, valuable, needed in the world. This podcast, these conversations, and the hope that women have told me they glean from the guests on the show, THIS is MY God-shaped dream. First, that women would know their worth and value in Christ and second that they would, as a result, live out their days making Him more famous. If you wish to be part of that, get on in here and LET'S DO THIS THING! 

Patreon exists to support creatives in their work and to give you, as a patron, an opportunity to "tip your artist" so-to-speak and offer a vote of confidence for the content and art you consume on a regular basis. Whether a financial contribution to The Devoted Dreamers Podcast is the right decision for you right now is up to you. I will continue to produce incredible content--interviews with women who are teaching us each week what it looks like to follow our God-shaped dreams even in the most difficult moments--so that you might have the courage to join their ranks!

If you're getting a ton of value from listening to the show, please consider a monthly contribution (or one-time gift, if you choose, here: via PayPal). The podcast is published every Wednesday morning as long as I'm not on a season break, which means you're supporting 4-5 episodes per month with your contribution. No matter the amount, your support means so much to me and helps me to continue to do what I do! THANK YOU!

Other than editing, I do all the work on my podcast myself. So, your patron support goes first to my monthly expenses for editing, software, hardware, website and audio hosting, and my email service provider. Some day I hope to engage a more complete team to support the technical side of the podcast so I can focus on doing what I love, which is interviewing women and providing biblical encouragement and resources for all of us to follow our God-shaped dreams. I'd like to do more face-to-face events, coaching, mastermind groups, etc. but there are only so many hours in the day so, for now, your support will help me continue to spend my time producing the podcast and, hopefully, one day do even more! THANK YOU!!

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Dwell in the satisfaction that your contribution is helping women believe in and pursue their God-shaped dreams!

*Join the Tribe over at the "Devoted Dreamers Insiders Group" on Facebook.*
Connect with me and listeners world-wide in a safe place for support and encouragement in your dreams, fears and baby steps. This is an amazing group! You will get so much back in return!
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Let's be friends! Send me your IG handle after you sign up, and I'll be sure to holla at you on a regular basis to thank you for your incredible support of me and the show.
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I love to celebrate my people, and I'll do that for you, by name, at least once a month on the podcast. Listen in!
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*A quarterly Q&A live meeting with me and other Patrons at this level and higher.*
We'll meet online for up to 40 minutes a quarter to chat about all the things. Submit your questions for me, other patrons, or even future podcast guests. In this space, you can influence  future episodes of the show and the Devoted Dreamers Tribe as a whole!
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*A personalized Thank You card plus a Devoted Dreamers signature coffee mug.*
I will craft a personal message of appreciation to you, letting you in on my world at the moment, plus send you the most awesome Devoted Dreamers coffee mug that is everyone's favorite!
Fun mail -- Yay!!! 
*All previous rewards!*

My goal is to be completely transparent with you. If you have questions not addressed here, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

Do I have to pay in US Dollars?
No. Patreon allows you to submit contributions in any currency. Whichever level you choose will be automatically converted from US dollars to your currency.

How many episodes will you release a month and when are they released? I launch new episodes every Wednesday morning, unless I'm on a season break, in which case I will notify you on the podcast and in the patron-only feed when that is and for how long.

Will my monthly payment still be deducted when you're on a season break?
That's up to you. Should you continue to support me during weeks when I'm not posting new episodes, it would mean the world to me (and help alleviate ongoing expenses!). Most, if not all, of my past episodes are still relevant today, so I hope you'll enjoy going back and listening to some of the episodes you haven't heard while I'm between seasons.

Can I recommend a guest to the podcast if I'm not giving at the Gold level?
Of course. You can always submit the names of qualified Christian women who are following a God-shaped dream on this Google form.

What if I cannot afford to give much? Can I still become a Patron? Yes. Of course. The lowest tier of $2/month is designed for patrons who want to be involved but operate on a tighter budget. (Don't worry. I totally get it!) Also, if you're interested in a one-time contribution instead, you may choose to send any amount to me via PayPal (please make a note that's it's for the podcast). Your support at any level is a vote of confidence and appreciation of my work, and it means so much to me. 

I'm still confused. Can you help me? Yes! If you have questions about using Patreon or are having trouble with the sign up process, please reach out to the friendly support team (they're great!) here. If you have questions about my page, rewards, the podcast or anything else related to Devoted Dreamers--even to just say hi!--you can message me here.
$100.19 of $160 per month
Reaching this goal will be amazing! It will cover the monthly expenses of producing the podcast. These are primarily fees for services like Libsyn (podcast hosting), SquareSpace & GoDaddy (website & hosting), editing by my amazing editor Jonathan, Calendly (guest scheduling), and MailChimp (email service provider). Other than editing, I do all the production work myself: guest booking & prepping, recording interviews, writing show notes, uploading to Libsyn, research, social media promotion, marketing, PR, website updates, etc. 
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