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This is the Ultimate way to support me, by pledging a Dollar your get access to ALL patreon benefits! Including Early releases, Behind the Scenes sneak peeks, MY PERSONAL CONTACT INFO, and alot more!

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About Dezlooca

What I do here!!

I am Dezlooca the Cannibal Horrorcore, Artist from Seattle WA. I am an Independent artist under the Cannibal Krew Entertainment Umbrella. I Create everything from Music, To videos to Story driven content and even an Underground Card Game!!

I have felt for a long time that I have not had a chance to really shine in the my own genre, So I figure Patreon is the best place for me to Start on the road to that dream! I really just want to be able to make music for YOU without any hindrance or politics in the way. 

So I would like to invite you to JOIN ME on this journey im taking while We build a Community of Cannibals. 

-----------WHAT DOES MY PLEDGE COVER?--------
1. New Single Every month Once we hit 100 Patrons
    (this track will be on 30 day early release while it uploads to paid platforms like itunes and spotify, however the SECOND its done and mastered it is here for Cannibal Elites [patrons] to download and bump)
2. Exclusive behind the scenes content NOT on social media
3. Sneak peeks and first dibs on ALL Dezlooca, MERCH, MUSIC, VIDEOS and more!
4. Personal contact to ME, DEZLOOCA THE FUCKING CANNIBAL!???!
5. Me continuing to be able to make music and create content for you guys to share
6. updates on the Underground Collectible Card game no one else gets
7. Free Downloads!
8. So much more I couldn't fit it here!

Nothing on this Page will be Gated by any sort of PayWall, you will receive all the DOPEST, NEWEST, and most WICKED content I can provide for just joining me here on patreon!

-Dezlooca the Cannibal 
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