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QiYoga: Yoga + Qigong

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How do you like to have a class of yoga always ready for you? Just a couple of clicks and you can practice wherever, and whenever you can. 
Hi, My name is Simona and this channel is for you, who love yoga. I offer traditional Hatha Yoga, yin yoga, and some Vinyasa flow. My classes include physical work, spiritual work, and ..energy work with powerful integration of Qigong energy experience. 
If you look for less mainstream teaching and more substance,  this is your channel.
I post twice a month, so you'll have a new class every other week for only $10/mo
Read below to see all you benefit by becoming a Patreon.

Let's practice together!
I appreciate your support, and thank you for being a valued Patreon :-)

Sacred Belly Dance

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Do you like to dance, but you don't know how to move properly and correctly? or maybe you want to feel more feminine, more sensual, and yet strong? 
Belly Dance with a Sacred twist has been my way to go dance style to profoundly connect to my feminine energy and keep my body and mind strong and focus.

Belly dance is magical in this way, by the historian of dance is considered one of the oldest dance style known to humanity.
Of course, originally was different from what we see today, and its use was for more ritualistic and ceremonial reasons.  
In ancient Egypt, Belly Dance was in fact danced by priestesses in temples and performed by women only during sacred rituals. In Mesopotamia, this dance style was connected to the worship of Cybele the moon Goddess. 
There is so much to say to uncover the true origin of this powerful and empowering dance style, and the best way to learn this information is to practice it and learn to dance it :-)

Classes include:
~ Brief warm-up
~ Break down movements
~ Drill: a short combination
~ Cooldown

This tier is good for absolute beginners and technique lovers for only $10/mo.
Read below for the additional benefit of this tier.

Let's dance together!
I appreciate your support, and thank you for being a valued Patreon :-)

Dance and Yoga Full Access

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Do you like to dance and to practice yoga? do you like to feel energized, and joyful?
This is your tier....you'll get everything included in the previous two tiers and some additional treat :-)

For $15/mo you will receive:
~ Two posts per month
~ QiYoga classes from start to finish
~ Meditation
~ Sacred Belly Dance Class drill

The additional benefit might include: live streaming and you'll get a 10% discount on private classes and professional training

Let's practice together!
I appreciate your support, and thank you for being a valued Patreon :-)

About Dharma Devi

Hello everybody,
my name is Simona, aka Dharma Devi.
I started to practice meditation yoga when I was 9 years old and dancing around the same age.
Nope, I'm not the daughter of artist hippies. Instead, my parents are down to earth, and hard-working people, I just was lucky to attend an elementary school in Italy, where I'm from, that offered free after school programs that my parents could afford to send me to. 

My love and passion for artistic expressions such as dance and theater are going hand in hand with my interest in the spiritual arts for a very long time. I graduated from the University of Turin, in Italy as an Anthropologist of Dance and Theater as at the same time I was completing my study as a yoga teacher.

Sacred Arts in the form of dance is my focus, Yoga and Qigong support my research and study as well as my practice and teaching. 

On this "Patreon" platform I have the chance to share with you more of my offering, in here you get access to very special classes both yoga+Qigong and Sacre Belly Dance, and some extracts from the contents I teach only during professional programs.

As the founding creator of Kundalini Rhythms©️, Sacred Dance is my core teaching, you will learn the art of conscious movement and powerful movements that can transform your life. As for the yoga part, I teach yoga as it was traditionally taught to me, so if you are looking for a fancy structures system I'm sorry I'm not offering those, but if you look for raw, integral, holistic yoga...Well, that one I offer it :-)

In each class, I promise to share with you my knowledge of so many years of practice and experience together with lots of fun and compassion.
Thank you for supporting my work and get the word spread.
Simona Dharma Devi

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