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Almost 20 years ago, the game Diablo 2 was released. And it immediately won my heart and does not leave it all this time. Every year or two, I want to plunge into this magical atmosphere again, visit Tristram, save Cain, visit the top of Mount Arreat. And time after time I get this amazing experience ...

Another of my hobbies, which I have been doing for more than 10 years on a professional basis, is programming. I pay great attention to the quality of the code and constantly develop in this direction. I like to read someone else’s code and conduct reviews, and also like to study my code. I like to develop things that make people happy.

And these two aspects of my life have been embodied in the creative development of the remaster Diablo 2. Creating my own game engine based on Unity has been going on for more than three years. At the moment, the basic features of the game are implemented in the very first approximation and some juicy parts, see the roadmap for details

You can try all this now!

However, like many creative projects, I need community support. I want to share my enthusiasm with you. I want to see that you need it.

Who, if not you, devoted fans of Diablo, will be able to try our remaster and say: "No! Everything was not like that! Correct here and here." This is the feedback that I need in this difficult matter.

I hope you feel the same great passion for Diablo 2 as I do. Together we can make a remaster of our favorite game! And even more!


What the goals of the Diablerie project?

From highest priority to lowest:
1. Implement all original Diablo II functionality. It will be cross-platform, easily run on modern systems in high resolution.
2. Have a good separation of the Game and the Engine, so that the engine can be used separately to create Diablo-like games.
3. Create an original game in the setting of Diablo II.

Why Unity?

Unity is a simple yet powerful game engine. It saves a lot of time doing very basic stuff. There a lot of people who already familiar with Unity. Also it simple enough to dive into for new developers.
A lot of people have performance concerns about Unity. It shouldn't be an issue, and in case of serious bottlenecks, it's possible to offload heavy computations to C++ libraries (as it's already done with MPQ loading code).
New Unity Data-Oriented Tech Stack is also available and provides great performance.

Why C#

C# is popular, simple and performance enough language for today to make a game like Diablo II. The main reason, however, is because using Unity implies using C#.

Can I Play Diablerie without the original Diablo II?

No, you can't. Original game resources are property of Blizzard and distributing it is not legal.

Can I make mods for Diablerie?

Yes! This is one of the main goals of the project.

Can I make my own game based on the Diablerie engine?

Yes. The project consists of two parts: Engine and Game. One of the Diablerie goals is to have good separation of the Game (which is actually Diablo II remaster) and the Engine, which can be used to create Diablo II clones. If you use my code, please give me credit.

The current status of the project: roadmap
Global plans:
1. Diablo II Remaster (game + engine)
2. Original game developed on the engine

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