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About Diana Page

I find joy in exploring all types of music, but the age-old melodies created by great songwriters such as George Gershwin, Irving Berlin, Jerome Kern and Cole Porter (just to name a few) share a special place in my heart.
My first experiences singing were in church, where harmonizing with hymns really developed my initial love for singing. I soon discovered Ella Fitzgerald, who is still one of my biggest musical inspirations. Her intereperetation of tunes was enchanting to me and I soon found myself immersed in Jazz.
More than anything else, I hope that this project will properly convey my love for the music, urging young people to discover and explore the genre while maintaining respect for the original composer's works of art. About Kickstarter:
1. Kickstarter is all or nothing community funding for creative projects. I must raise all the funds or I receive nothing.

2. No money changes hands until I reach my goal. After I reach my goal, the full amount is deposited into my account (minus 3-5%).

3. I have saved and self funded the first $3,000 of this project. I already used this money to pay for recording time, engineering and my musicians. The money I am asking for will pay for mastering, cover artwork, and manufacturing.

4. You can give any amount and there is no limit on how much I can raise. If I manage to raise more money than I am asking for, I will use it to promote the CD in as many markets as possible.
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When I reach $1400 per month, I’ll dedicated to respectfully sharing melodies created by the masterful song writers of the early 1900's
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