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Hey Guys! Dice here! I'm a content creator over on YouTube! i make Space Engineers Videos and eventually Branch out to other avenues! if you guys would like to support me in my dream of being a full-time content creator and streamer please feel free to pledge and show your support.  I will always do my best to recognise my patrons and I will always try to give back any way I can to my top supporters! thank you so much! have the best day possible
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$20k a year total earnings as a goal.
I know it sounds like a lot straight off the bat! but in a realistic world, this is roughly what I would need to make a year in order to cover living costs to become a full-time content creator/streamer. I currently work a 4 day week at my job making roughly 50-60k a year but my true passion is in my video making and twitch streams. Any amount of money i would make throughout the year over what i need to do this full time would go back towards my community in the form of giveaways (especially at christmas time!) and into charity work that i would love to get involved in! So there you go! i'd rather be upfront and honest right from the start with you guys :) i hope you enjoy following me on my journey to fulfil my life goal! thank you <3
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