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I write because I have dreams. I write because I feel confident in my skills. I write to prove my father wrong; that writing can take me somewhere in life. Maybe earning money will help him understand that. I could also use money to support my hobbies and find my own way in life. Any and all support is greatly appreciated. My writing is not only for me, but for you all as well. Many people set a high bar, over $500. As for me, I figured I'd start small. 

~Here's a small bio~
Preferred Name: Britt
Birthday: March 1st
Interests: Anime, Voice Acting, American Sign Language, Poetry, Cosplay
Hobbies: Writing, Swimming, Bowling
Aspiring Career: Voice Actress


$0 of $90 per creation
When I reach $90 per month, I will take requests for short stories, poems, and/or fanfictions. Three patrons who would like to request will randomly be chosen per month and receive their request either privately, or on Wattpad + AO3, with a dedication.
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