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About Digital Era Entertainment

Hi everyone!

I've been creating free content for digital distribution both independently and via my production banner Digital Era Entertainment since 2003 and releasing it online via Youtube and other streaming platforms since 2006 (2007 for myself individually).

In that time, I've mostly become known for my musical endeavors, emceeing work, my web video work (most recently for channels such as Frederator's The Leaderboard/Channel Frederator and aNb Media's TTPM), and in a fitting full-circled callback to an early DEE project, being Lead Announcer for long-running performance troupe Kaiju Big Battel.

Appearance as Batman for a video by my friend (and YouTube personality) DPiddy! Part of a playlist featuring a ton of content I was a part of, from live performances to appearances in other creators' videos and more!

The final Leaderboard video I hosted before Frederator YouTube was originally discontinued in Summer 2020. Playlist of related items here, full channel page here.

A rather relevant TTPM video review from 2019, hahah. Playlist of related items here, full channel page here.

While I've tried other modest fundraising efforts over the years, I didn't push them too hard because I didn't feel confident in one critical thing:

The ability to guarantee persistent content.

This is mostly because while I've had the help of wonderful friends and collaborators along the way, at the end of the day, I've been doing all this by myself: funding, editing...the whole nine! After so many years and non/low-profit projects, in addition to a particularly nasty setback in 2016 that wiped away financial resources and energy, it's been difficult to sustain alone.

The completed 2015 version of the 2007 HD remake of the (publicly unreleased) 2004 DEE short film. Yeah, kinda nuts, right? ^^; Part of a playlist including this and and its incomplete sequels.

Spoiler-filled Trailer for FFvsKBB (2005). Playlist of related items here, full film page here.

Episode 0 of "Doujinopolis" (2009-2010, web series).

Samples of past commission work, starting with "Durarara!!: Day 2 Remember" pilot (2010); also featured in the playlist are official Aniplex of America promos for the series done in collaboration with American Cosplay Paradise.

That's all changed. Because I'm not doing this alone anymore. :)

After the first two years of having it proven to me that the DEE CORe team (which would expand to include not one, but TWO podcasts) could be a workhorse of consistency, I happily expanded operations to welcome in more people to our volunteer squad and was finally ready to ask for that extra helping hand to keep being able to provide quality content while making new steps forward that weren't possible until now.

Since 2018, we've started streaming live from the official DEE Twitch Channel! As of this writing, we stream content anywhere between 5-7 days a week, including our new monthly RaDEEo Drama series by Friday podcast co-host (and streaming teammate) Joel Guttman! and the live recordings of both the "DEE CODE" podcast (every Thursday at 7pm EST) and "DEE Kai (会)" podcast (every Friday at 4pm EST). We've also been joined by old friend and past DEE contributor NeoIvan Gaming, artist Larein, and more!

The latest videos from the DEE CORe brand, featuring our ever expanding roster of contributors.

One of our most recent RaDEEo Dramas as mentioned above!

In short, as best describes my goal for this Patreon:

It takes a village...not a Batman. ;D

I hope you will help be a part of building and sustaining this village, and my deepest thank yous to everyone who has provided years of support up to now; let's take it up a notch and build something even greater together!

- Mario Bueno, Founder/Owner
0% complete
Basic monthly goal. Note that the first $200 collected every year will help us keep the proverbial lights on year-to-year for both DEE website+domain registrations as this has allowed us to present most of our works as originally created and ad-free.

The rest of the year, these funds will be used to keep related "basic" bills at bay and focus squarely on the #CONTENT for smoother long-term operations.
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