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About Digital Horse

Thanks for stopping by and considering helping us to grow our community. If you’re reading this page then we are guessing you are a fan which is awesome! Each one of you helps to make our community what it is and we would like to say a big Thank You as we couldn’t do this without you!
For those who are new -Digital Horse is the only Equestrian Community, where the story is about your horse. Customized to equestrians it is the perfect platform for you to share the story of your horse, whilst hanging out with other equestrians who share your passion.
With a regular mix of tips, inspiration, competitions and advice it’s a hub of activity which has been missing in the Equestrian world and which can very quickly become addicted. You’ve been warned! So, if you enjoy being part of a supportive, positive hate free Community then the Digital Horse Platform is the place to be.
For our most passionate followers and those who want to help us grow, we have set up this channel where for a small monthly subscription you will receive exclusive content, videos and offers not available through the website. All subscriptions received will be used to help support the running costs for the platform and also contribute to further development, including the long awaited for APP.

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