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Everything Helps

$1 /mo
I really want to give you what you want but since I dont know what that is yet, here is what I can do.

- Early access to Videos

- Priority Responce to comments

(Small swag pack when avaliable)

Go-Gett er'

$5 /mo
Yea... I Still dont know what you would like but. I can do:

- Name in Credits on videos

- Group google hangouts 

 - Everything the "Everything Helps" Gets 

(Medium Swag pack once avaliable)

My Idol

$25 /mo
wow - you rock. Please do let me know what you want but in the meantime, I can do:

- Shoutouts in a Vid once a month - because you rock

- One on one Gooogle hangouts

- Everything t...


Super Cowabunga Rock Star

$100 /mo
You.. there are just no words.  I can express so. that said you get everything the others get as well as power to join in on the decision making process of projects. 

(Large Swag Pack once avaliable)