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is creating a DnD 5th edition campaign (Dimgaard)

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We want Dimgaard to be valuable at every level. At this level:
  • A supplement selected from the month's release of material.
  • Input on content priorities
  • Immediate notification of video releases


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At this level, we want you to enjoy the full experience of Dimgaard adventures. You should have enough content to run Dimgaard for a weekly group.
  • At least one supplement from the monthly release.




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About Dan Hass

First, thanks to all the patrons and backers over the past years who have supported and encouraged the development of Dimgaard. It wouldn't exist if not for you.

The six Dimgaard principles.

  • A strong story.
  • Strict adherence to Rules As Written (RAW).
  • Largest set of player options.
  • Challenge PCs at all levels of play.
  • Low DM prep time.
  • Easy presentation.
Find out more at Dimgaard's Website.

What do you get?
  • At the base level you get two supplements. One will be a collection of adventuring days (one page adventures) like this. The other will vary, but it will generally be something that should help the DM expand the game and make it more interesting.
  • At the second level, you get two full adventures aligned to our current Dimgaard campaigns like this. As the number of patrons grows we'll increase the number of adventures offered.
  • At the higher level, you'll also receive the same distribution from the monthly volumes that premiere on Kickstarter.com as those who back both campaigns.
Additionally, everyone gets
  • Participation in online panels to steer the campaign.
  • A quick response to questions you may have about world building, or technical questions.
  • Early notifications of videos with tips for running the adventures, and DMing in general.
I created the Dimgaard campaign during 2nd edition. I wanted a campaign that was gritty and based more closely on the Dark Ages. I also wanted a campaign flexible enough to encompass the widest possible published material.

I continued Dimgaard through 3.5, but took 4th edition off.

I thoroughly enjoy 5th edition. And I'm a prolific creator of content. I have a small support team now that helps me polish the material. I run the Dimgaard campaign through several adventures each month and I create PDFs of the adventures. I also produce a variety of supplemental material as PDFs.

$6.43 of $20 per month
I'll begin (at least) a monthly update of one of the campaign guides:

Dimgaard Campaign Guide (The overarching campaign guide.)
Alshon Region Campaign Guide (A common starting area for level 1-4 adventures.)
Odill Campaign Guide (Most tier 2 adventures start here.)
Musklageta Campaign Guide (Many tier 3 adventures start here.)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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