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About Jeremy Estrellado

Hi there!

My name is Jeremy or as the internet calls me; DiNusty! Senior environment artist in the games industry and a little bit addicted to it. I uprooted from Seattle WA USA almost 3.5 years ago traveling to the southern city of Sweden; Malmö. I make video games for a living but in my spare time I like traveling and just trying to take in all the cultures I can around me. The amount of personal growth you get is unbelievable and I advise everyone to just go out and explore the world. 

This Patreon is for you guys! I have been streaming my “Learning with Dinusty series”” for around 2 years now. I wanted to give people the ability to support what I’m doing for free in a more direct way then through Twitch, YouTube, or donations as well as giving some benefits to those subscriptions.

Even without a Subscription I strongly suggest joining our great Discord community that helps everyone including myself become a better 3d artist for video games. A good handful of people have now successfully acquired jobs in the industry through the help of the discord. Come take a look!

You can watch me on
YouTube Archive -

$78 of $250 per month
Ill do a 12 hour stream O_o

Some other artists as guests included :)
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