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Dion Arnold

"I've been a Standup Comedian for 7 years.
Sometimes I get paid for comedy. And that is a blessing. To have people supporting my work, with the tangible means to afford me the ability to make more.
Here I want to build a body of work for the people that consume it. For you."

Why Patreon?
Because I value my work.
And I love when people come out to live shows!
But I recognize we're not all in the same city all the time. 
There are shows you just can't make it out to.
And I get that.
But you want to see the show! And I want you to see it.

This is how WE make that happen.

Sign-up here! and help me bring more comedy to more people, in more cities, in more countries, and to you on your laptop and mobile every single day! 
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PILOT ALERT.... Please help me reach this goal! Doing so is the means to filming a Pilot for a show I know you're going to love. More teasers to come soon..
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