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About The Dionysian Artist

Who is Δ?

I’m odd. I'm a polytheist artist, public performer, devotee of Dionysos and amateur historian. I don't live like normal people do, I don't own things, I don't drive, I'm a pragmatic ascetic, I don't even get paid a wage. I subsist solely off donations from the public for producing artwork on the streets.

Art is a costly venture in itself. I often give my art out for free use, I’ve allowed it to be published in pagan/polytheist books, pagan gatherings/festivals, fundraisers, websites and other publications for free.

The secondary aspect of my time is writing for the polytheist community including publications via my  blog, various related communities, I offer free tuition to new-comers of Hellenic polytheism by social networking and email too.
I am dyslexic thus writing does not come naturally to me, at times it can take me days, weeks, to write an article published for this community -again- totally for free. These publications are often shared amongst peers and throughout social media, while I appreciate that at least *someone* is reading my work, I wish I could do more.

So why am I doing this? Why do I commit so much time, support and effort into this cause? I can think of no other purpose to exist than honouring my gods. I do this in various ways. It is my goal here to first see a developing cultus of Dionysos, and an active community around which we create and venerate the beauty that has been stripped from us. I am a mere spoke in a semi functioning wheel, and for this wheel to gather momentum it needs support from all other spokes. From spiritual specialists, artists, to the laity.

Now, as I mentioned, I make a living off donations from the public, what is called busking. Much of the art I produce is devotional in nature and even if the public is unaware of that they still support it. If complete strangers on the street can support my work, why not the people whom I direct my work towards?

So here I offer an opportunity to my fans, admirers and the polytheist community to contribute to my work. To enable me to provide more free art and services for our developing communities by becoming a patron. By contributing to my patreon you are engaging in devotional work equal to my own. 

A bit of History: The Art

  • 2006 to 2008: my ex-partner and I started a business named Hepheastian Studios. Manufacturing idol statues of the Greek gods for the polytheist / pagan community. 
  • 2008 to 2018: we have were full time street artists under the joint name Pan Fine Art. Sometimes doing reproductions of old masters, but mostly original artwork dedicated to the gods. Our largest and most ambitious project was a 22 metre long pastel drawing on a series of 11 canvases, the piece called "The Awakening of Pan". Selected images and our statues may be viewed here.

A bit of History: My Faith and Writing

2000 to present: I've been actively involved in multiple Hellenic Polytheist communities, developing my own form of solitary worship and dedicating my 'free time' to researching ancient history and mythology.
2008: I started blogging about this subject.
2011 to present: I came in contact with the divinity known as Dionysos and have since dedicated my life to him as his devotee. With aims of establishing an active and practiced cultus in his honour.
2015: I experienced some form of initiation where I was granted the title of Dionysian Artist and the right to use the Δ symbol as both a name and role. This period marks a shift in my spiritual focus and dedication to the gods in reforming of: The Dionysian Artists, a guild dedicated to producing art to the gods.


I would like to reserve this space to my current supporters and to those that have read through this. You have my gratitude and thanks. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email or contact via facebook.

Thank you!
Markos Gage, Δ
$4.75 of $50 per month
Covers masking tape. Yep... Masking tape.
It is one of my most annoying expenses for work: costly and non-reusable. Yet a necessity to keep my work on the ground and protected from the wind. $50 covers my monthly tape expense. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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