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About Dior Ashley Brown EMCEE

Hello Dee Ayee Bee FAM  <3 <3

It’s ya girl! Dior Ashley Brown, Emcee and member of the The dAb, Iza Flo, and F.L.O.T.U.S. bands! I create music, movements and creative programming that inspires, informs, motivates, and empowers myself and others to thrive, succeed, believe, pursue their dreams, and grab their freedom! 

Peace and prosperity to you, you are always appreciated. Thank you for celebrating with me on this beautiful journey of growing and maturing in these creatives passions. If you are in my immediate community, a supporter of my music, and or experienced a show, you know what it means to me, Thank you for showing love!

My journey as a creator is a bit lengthy, but I’d like to give you the short. I was a closet emcee and vocalist at first, and bursting at the seams. For years writing rhymes in my room, spitting poetry to my mirror, freestyling in ciphers, turning my midterm projects into full fledge hip hop songs. Some very dear friends of mine and messengers along the way pushed my talents as an Emcee. I disguised my rhymes for a while, introducing my work in monologues and plays through high school and college, and small poetry spaces. Not yet confident of the leap God would have me take. I kept it, and it kept knocking on my door pulling me in deeper. I later built my confidence, but not until after many open mics, Hip Hop competitions, multiple team collectives, fighting against doubt, and the desire to be heard!

I'm on Patreon because you can support the content you love on a daily basis!  
My goal is to continue to create music/art, opportunities, content that adds to your spirit! 

I have struggled as an indie artist to get my music off the ground, but nothing brings me more joy than the opportunity to work towards constantly doing what I love. And doing it the way my heart leads me to do so! I am working to maintain a balance of quality and pure soul, expressing my truth. And through my efforts, I have been blessed with some dope teammates/creatives/musicians who believe me and want to assist in realizing my dreams.

And we're cooking...

The next creation of Dior Ashley Brown Music is underway...

And it’s because of YOU...

Because of you, I made it to SXSW in 2016, and I will always and forever be grateful to those who contributed to my traveling there and taking part in the beautifully full experience at the Austin based conference. Performing everywhere and anywhere I could, sharing my creativity, proudly representing women in hip hop, and my hometown.

Because of you, I Organized the successful 2016,  2017, and 2020 1st, 2nd, and 3rd  Annual DC Music Summits encouraging creative entrepreneurship! Sponsored by Accelerate with Google, The DC Office of Cable Film and Television, DC Top 20, The H Street Corridor, Mousai House, The Kennedy Center, Chuck Levins, Eaton Hotel and more.

Because of you, I was interviewed and performed with F.L.O.T.U.S. live on WUSA9’s “DMV Soundcheck.”

Because of you, I protested and fought for my community to Stop the Emergency Bill B22-0839 Amplified Noise Amendment Act 2019 that infringed upon the rights of buskers to make a living and cultural traditions of Native DC Residents, artist displacement, and amendments to Bills that directly affect the freedoms and opportunities of the creative community.

You supported my most recent accomplishments, you participated, you tuned in, and you showed up!

Thank you for continuing to be a part of the vibe.

We want to continue this movement...

There are many more parts of this puzzle, I need your encouragement and true patronage! We need a Budget! And I am reaching out to my family, friends, and associates to be a part of this movement. Your contribution will further develop our projects when supporting our...

Studio production: Recording our projects in a high-quality recording studio, with have awesome collaborating musicians, producers and engineers

Video Production: Fully realizing our creative visions through Music Videos and other imagery

Branding: Articulating our vision clearer to a broader audience by updating our promotional
materials and working with specialized photographers, stylists, and creative curators

Marketing and Promotion: Building a greater online presence through social media platforms

Events: Produce Premiere events, leaving the audience with memorable experiences

How does Patreon Work?!
You will pay a monthly amount for the content we create and share with you!

Family this venture will include opportunities for expansion of my music, employing fellow creatives in my community, and including others in our creations, this is what we do, we love doing it, and want to do it well.

Today, We need your contribution. We want to continue to produce our creations. If you'd like to see and hear MORE, we're asking you to invest in the music and content you want to hear and see: CONTRIBUTE!.

Whether you make a monthly contribution of $25 or $3, your pledge is appreciated.

Become a patron of Dior Ashley Brown Music today.

Love and Peace Always,

                   Dior Ashley Brown aka dAb

More @: www.diorashleybrown.com
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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