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Backing us means you help support development of our games, and get early access to builds before the general public, along with regular reports from the developers telling you about what is coming up and giving sneak peaks at future content.

This also gives you access to custom Patron builds with small additions.

Also get your name/alias in the credits as someone who helped make the game happen.

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At this level and above, you also get to vote on future content, what gets focused on and developed first.

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At this level and above, once every three months you can request a custom scene to be added to a game (of limited scope, dependent on sign-off from the team and suitable for the game).

Please contact us if you are unsure if your scene would be accepted, and we'll let you know.

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About Discarded Union

We are Discarded Union, and we make erotic video games for adults.



Our first game is “Sculptor”, a visual novel where the player feminizes their former bully.
The base scenario can be set up as appeals to the player - both the player character and the target of the game can have their gender identity (pronouns) and biological sex (genitals) changed to suit the preference of the player.

Current State

The game is currently in a very early state. We only recently added an artist to the team, so until the next version the art assets are still placeholders. The game does have the core systems implemented and a number of scenes written, so if you want to try it out as (essentially) a text-only game please give it a go!
Patrons have early access to the next version (0.3) now.

Future Plans

Please check the roadmap to find out what is planned for Sculptor.

Backing us

Public builds will be released regularly, but Patreon backers can get access to content early, and help direct the team’s focus. Right now, any backers will really help us get off the ground, and allow us to dedicate more time (meaning more content and faster releases).

Future Games

Our aim is to make more games once this one is complete, hopefully bigger and broader in scope, but that is a way off yet. When we get there, we will be looking to our Patreon backers for guidance as to what we should focus on.
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Getting some support will really help us dedicate time to developing the game.
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