Distractions Media is creating Podcasts and Youtube Videos

$1 /mo
You have our deepest gratitude!  Thanks for helping!

$2 /mo
You have our deepest gratitude!  Thanks for helping!  We will also send you a personalized email from one of us!  Also a sticker!

$5 /mo
This tier will grant you access to the extra content we make.  Whether it be mini series, Around the Camp Fire character journals, or just behind the scenes stuff and bloopers.

$10 /mo
At this tier you get everything in the lower tiers plus well send you a personalized thank you letter to your home from one of us!  Also we will take a character of your creation and place it into ...

$15 /mo
This tier gets you everything mentioned before and also you get to pick a subject for our show Tavern Talk with Webby for us to discuss.  You will also be listed as the sponsor for that episode.

$20 /mo
As always, everything from the lower tiers comes included in this one.  Along with it you will receive all posters that we make when they come out!. That is for the life of the show as long as you ...

$30 /mo
At this tier you are guarenteed a spot on at least one episode on one of our feeds.  You could run around The Islands with Talon Nightbreeze, or maybe get crazy with Leelui!  Maybe Rob will take yo...

$50 /mo
At this tier you will get a t-shirt that we design at least twice a year!  Also you will get invites to listen to the shows as they are recorded so you will never fall behind!  We sometimes record ...

$100 /mo
This is the big one guys!  At this tier you receive everything in the lower tiers, also you will get one of every t-shirt we come out with as long as you are at this level.  If you wanted to be on ...