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We all have to start somewhere. Even though you toil away and the big guy gets the recognition (cough...Duccio...cough) we know it couldn't happen without you. Thank you for supporting the show!

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You've upgraded and become a court artist. You're now producing designs for buildings, making paintings and sculpture (especially portraits), and also creating household goods and luxury items for the table.

Monthly donations at this level will get you a shout out on the show! First name only, obviously.  

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Now we're getting to the big leagues. You hire only the best to create work for your palatial estates. Be the Medici to my Botticelli. 

Monthly donations at this level will get you a shout out on the show (first name only, obviously) and a look into the plan for next month's episodes!




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About Stephanie

Thanks for supporting Disturbing the Piece! Don't know what we do? This podcast regularly looks back to art movements, exhibits, and artists themselves to reconsider their significance in the art world. We interview creatives and art professionals and sometimes travel great distances to see art. If you love the arts or just want to learn more this is the place for you.

You can listen to the podcast on our website (and see what images we reference) or subscribe on Apple Podcasts.
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$50 a month would cover all those pesky fees that come with running a podcast. It would also allow me to save up for a new microphone! Think the audio quality of the show could be better? Me too. Let's make it happen.
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