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I am an Author from Cape Town, South Africa. I have been writing stories from a very young age and have always had a passion for the written word. My dream was to one day be a published author, and to write stories for a living. Life does not always go the way we plan, however. After high school I received my Bachelors Degree in Science from the University of Stellenbosch, and followed that up with an Honours Degree in Zoology. I loved the research, but could not afford to further my studies, so I entered a very challenging job market. 

All the while, I was still writing in my free time, because that was my true passion. My science degree helped more than I realized, because I knew how to properly go about researching any topic. After years of part time writing, I finished my first book, Causality: First Landing. It took a lot out of me, and I did not have the contacts or resources to get it published, but I was not about to give up. After months of battling and with help from friends and family, I managed to self-publish. My book was finally out there, but the work was not done. I drove from store to store, fighting to get my book on the shelves and appearing on some local radio stations. Finally, one publisher agreed to help me with (very limited) distribution. As a part-time writer, I have to say that this was as much as I could have hoped for. We also uploaded my book to Amazon, where it is available as an e-book (https://tinyurl.com/yydrgx4s). 

I am now fervently working in my spare time to complete a second book, and I have many ideas for future novels. The experience I have picked up through the past few years have made me a better writer, and allowed me to improve on the quality of my writing. I still cringe at some of my earlier writing, and that is OK too, because I learned from those mistakes. My first book will always be dear to me, but I realize that I have to step up the quality if I ever want to truly realize my dream. To that end, I want to be able to spend more time writing and perfecting my craft. With your help, my future book could be finished and properly edited, giving me the best possible chance to share my stories. In the end, that is the only thing any aspiring author could hope for... To share their stories with the world, and perhaps ignite the little light that shines in the heart of every person when they find a story that they love!
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