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About DiverseHawkesbury.net

Firstly, THANK YOU for even being here, on my page, looking at how to help me keep this thing going! I love you for even BEING ON THIS PAGE! 

In case you're totally new to my project:

The Diverse Hawkesbury project is about using a positive, interactive and constructive narrative to break down the structures that support prejudice and discrimination. It's about adding dimension to our knowledge of who lives here in the beautiful Hawkesbury, and how stories of the past have built upon what we know of ourselves today. Often, the clash between opinions can become negative and damaging to the community's social equilibrium, especially on social media. Misinformation can become viral and documented as "fact", and without projects like DiverseHawkesbury.net, those perspectives remain unchallenged.

This project is about capturing small snapshots of who is living here in 2018 to build a truly detailed overall picture of who we are. It's about representing the otherwise undocumented and underrepresented. 

This project aims to lead with positivity and a firm objective to educate and advocate.

DiverseHawkesbury.net and its social media accounts may appear as "media" but are not intended to compete with local media. A lot of my work is "long form" interviews and articles, which will one day be valuable documentation that will be freely available to anyone online and in our local libraries. I am not restricted by time limits or word limits. I report on one participant per month in my column in the Hawkesbury District Independent magazine, and it's been lovely to have that opportunity to tell the community all about the lives and achievements of these fascinating individuals.

exploring the diversity of the Hawkesbury region together.

Oral histories are one aspect of presenting the humanity of diverse Australia. Another way is to discuss and investigate current issues and news. You will find oral history videos on my social media pages and the website but you will also find a growing resource of stories about members of our community who may not share their oral history but an aspect of their life that you will find thought-provoking, relevant and interesting.

The use of free and easily accessible human stories serves multiple purposes:

  • humanising groups
  • examining and breaking down stereotypes
  • correcting misinformation
  • representing underrepresented groups
  • Adding dimension to previously-recorded history of the Hawkesbury district
  • balancing Eurocentric narrative
  • bringing the community to those for whom access or social settings can be difficult
  • can be used as an educational resource anywhere, anytime
  • stimulating discussion between viewers on social media or in the media
  • providing local information for children and teens to develop local knowledge beyond the school syllabus
  • giving a firsthand account of life for an individual with a chronic illness or disability

I'm what's known as a "skilled" person but even with professional training and skills, I will be unable to put that training to work for my community without financial empowerment.The bare facts here are that I am a single fulltime parent, a domestic violence survivor and a university student. Disadvantage has been a reality in my life until now but it is in no way defining my future. That said, it takes the support of a village to bring otherwise unprofitable ventures such as this to fruition. Early in the project, I successfully applied for a $500 community grant. My camera cost well over $500, and the website, memberships to historical societies and the big cost - fuel to attend my interview locations - has already outrun that grant by a lot.

Without some form of ongoing financial support, my project is funded out of my own pocket.

I think my project is worth supporting. I am trained in technical production, media and communications, publicity, research and experienced in teaching and tertiary level training. The feedback from Hawkesbury City Council, the Hawkesbury District Independent and most importantly my beloved community has shown that you agree. I am currently working alongside Darug elders, the Maltese community (and their various organisations), the Hawkesbury Historical Society and a range of other informed individuals (Andy Carr of the SLNSW, Mark Caruana, Dr Barry York, Dr Bronwyn Harman, Danielle Wheeler and local history enthusiasts) to create content that is not only locally relevant but engaging and accessible. I think that knowledge should be free; I also think we have a responsibility to teach young people in ways that they find fun and easy to understand!

If just enough people help me out with just a tiny little regular contribution, I can afford to drive to lots of places, create lots of stimulating, thought-provoking, educational content, and represent YOU in a way that is independent and free of the restrictions imposed upon other forms of "media". My biggest cost seems to be travel and just the incidentals of creating content; stationery, digital storage devices, a packed lunch to take with me to these recording appointments and so on. The other cost is time... time that is spent working on these articles during childcare hours.

Right now, I'm trying to avoid having to register as a for-profit business, because I feel it detracts from the true spirit of the project.

Help me keep this thing in its most pure form.
Become my patron and watch the project give back almost immediately. 

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I would love for my project to empower unemployed locals who would love to get training and experience in media.

Once I have enough income I will have a reason to drop back to part time at university and focus more on the project.

Once that happens, I would be looking to build a team of contributors from the Hawkesbury - hopefully finding people who are otherwise unemployed but needing to expand their skills. I don't see why someone on Newstart should restrict their options to packing shelves at a supermarket if they have always dreamed of being involved with media, research, education, writing, broadcasting or podcasting. I also don't see why someone with a mental illness or someone in recovery from addiction can't join in on creating great content that educates and inspires my beloved community.

The sky is the limit and I'd love to get to the stage where I'm able to pull up more otherwise disempowered people behind me to gain skills and impressive experience to list on their CV. With enough patrons, I can pay that person a fair fee for their contribution and use my own empowerment to empower others.
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