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I am Joel and I am the creator and producer behind DiversusTVmilitary channel videos. 
As an ex-military I trully enjoy making this videos. My channel has reached  1000 subscribers in less than 4 month and has continue to grow steadly and for that,THANK YOU!!   But unfortunately after 30 days review process, YouTube has not approved my channel for monetization...It was a desapointment but i didnt give up.  Currently I publish 1 video per week but my aim is 2 or 3 videos per week, but my job does not give me much time to plan, research, etc... the creating programes I use are outdated and slow.... So if you are interested in getting more and better with more accurate info, please, consider becoming a Patreon. By being a Patreon, you will help DiversusTVmilitary to grow creating more with better quality  the videos you enjoy watching. 

Best Regards
JOEL (DiversusTV)

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