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Every dollar counts. If you donate as much as one dollar, you can already enjoy most of our most wanted prizes.

  • Gain access to weekly updates on our development journey
  • Participate in patron-only polls, vote on winners in competitions and help choose the next big project
  • Watch our biggest movies before anyone else, see the first cuts of movies weeks early
  • Name mentioned after every youtube video
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Thanks so much, you're keeping us alive by investing in us and we'll do our best not to disappoint you.

  • Verbal thank you after every youtube video
  • Access to exclusive BTS and other unreleased short films and videos
  • Influencer role in the discord server
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So yeah, you're basically our boss now so you get to keep one of the crew members as your very own pet. If you live far away, selected human will be shipped to your address.

(Not actually because... legal reasons. Sorry!)

  • Dominic's real phone number
  • Producer role on the discord server
  • Get worshiped at the end of every youtube video

If you wish, we can now give talk to you directly through messenger, and you can ask us, or just tell us, anything you want. Of course, any movie ideas you have will be kept heavily in consideration.
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About Divide Films

Hello! Thank you and welcome to the Divide Films Patreon page. We're glad you decided to check it out.

If you scroll down, you'll be able to see a massive range of Patreon exclusive videos, polls, and other rewards. We try our best to make your stay here worthwhile.

If you do want to support us, throw in a little donation and we'll be sure to throw it right back at you in the form of said EXCLUSIVE REWARDS. Even one single dollar a month will make the biggest difference to both of us.

Every penny counts!
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We will introduce live streams.
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