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When you join the Soulseekers you become part of an amazing community of supportive souls all working and striving toward a greater understanding of our universe, how we can live in love and make the best of this life we each live.

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    Soulseekers: Messengers

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    Your Soulseeker Messenger Subscription provides all the benefits of the Soulseeker tier with access to all to the Soulseeker ELITE private patreon only Facebook group and instant post approval in the public Soulseeker Facebook group. To top all this off, you will get one weekly card drawn with a shout out and tag in the weekly Universal Readings as a special message from the universe individualized just for you!

    Soulseekers: Quantum Quest

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    Meet your higher self.

    Quantum hypnosis is on of the services I often get asked about. Past life regressions, subconscious exploration, connecting with ones intuition, communion with the higher self, future self messages, physical healing and more. There are so many facets to explore through quantum hypnosis and the possibilities for healing and growth are literally endless. By accessing the subconscious mind through hypnosis, we open the pathways between the quantum realm and our third dimensional world gaining access to an abundance of important and useful information that can be used to heal our traumas, soothe our wounds and guide us toward a more fulfilled and purposeful future.

    Quantum hypnosis requires many hours of training, study and research in order to be performed responsibly. Not only a thorough understanding of the hypnosis process is needed. A solid understanding of the manifestation of traumas, emotional bonds, core desires and many other conscious and subconscious ques is required in order to recognize behavioral patterns in my clients. Extensive familiarity with concepts like karma, dharma, faith, religion, human design, manifestation along the ability to seek out the deepest elements and truths within each of my clients is critical. All done with understanding, compassion and without judgement. I hold my relationship with each client to the highest regard of confidentiality as the nature of our explorations together is of their deepest spiritual truths.

    These sessions are quite long lasting an average of 5-7 hours. Preparation for begins the day before the actual hypnosis in which I will prepare the space and begin the process of energetic cleanse as not to bring any unwanted energy into the journey. The day of the hypnosis is fully dedicated to you, the client. Morning rituals are performed in the space to prepare it for your session as well as closing and cleansing rituals with you and after you have gone. The time, care and dedication put into each experience is done with the full understanding that it will be a life altering experience and should be treated with reverence and respect to the weight it will carry.

    I offer this tier as my way of making this amazingly transformative experience available to everyone who wishes to experience the benefits of exploring their quantum self. Money should not be an issue when seeking the path of spiritual growth. This tier is offered to make this experience affordable. At this time, it is open to 10 clients only. Upon joining this tier, you enjoy:
    -all the benefits of the other patreon tier memberships
    -become eligible for the patreon members discount to this service 
    -have the discounted fee broken into 12 monthly payments.

    After 1 full year of membership (12 payments), you will be eligible to schedule your Quantum Hypnosis session at no cost the day of. This will include all prior information you will need as well as all prior Q & A you may have to make for the most beneficial experience possible. *Please note: the regular non-members fee for this service is $350. Discounted membership fee is $300.

    A year may seem like a long time to wait for just one session but the incomparable enlightenment that is brought to consciousness through this experience is far beyond worth the investment. Upon joining at this tier, I will be in touch personally to provide further information about the process. In the year to come we will work together to create your personalized hypnosis itinerary so when the time comes you have extensive understanding of the process and receive maximum enrichment from your experience.

    If you have questions about quantum hypnosis, your are encouraged to reach out at any time. If you're ready to get started on this journey just click the subscribe button and open your mind to the possibilities.

    About Divine Soulscapes

    Welcome to Divine Soulscape's ELITE Seeker Patreon gathering, where we grow together in our individual quest for connection to The Divine. 

    I'd like to invite you to join me in raising our collective vibrations as we explore the many facets that make up the world of spirituality. From ancient traditions to modern philosophy; where paganism, christianity, Kabbalistic Judaism, and hermeticism meet eastern philosophies and shamanism. Join me and the rest of the ELITE Seekers on this journey as we learn and grow together.

    Inside you can expect daily readings, astrological updates, new and full moon ceremonies, group reiki, downloads & reference materials, group activities, giveaways, private mentoring, spiritual coaching and informative educational talks on topics such as: 






    Holistic health 

    Ritual Magick 

    Herbalism, oils & incense 

    Eastern medicine 

    World religion 

    Sigils, symbols & signs 

    Art, music, psychology & the sciences

    Transformation and liberation 

    Personal growth 

    The Shadow Self 

    The supernatural, afterlife & reincarnation 

    Historical practices and spiritual evolution 

    Angels, aliens, the galactic counsel & starseeds 

    Biblical, Kabbalistic and other religious texts 

    Paganism, witchcraft, earth based practices 

    Love & acceptance 

    And many more topics 

    Take your SoulSeekers experience to the next level and select your tier today!

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