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In addition to my undying love and officially becoming part of the DCTC Patreon community, you'll receive the following: 

* Access to the DCTC Patreon feed where you'll get to join in on conversations about the latest Disney news, vote on episode topic release dates and more.

* Exclusive behind the scenes video and photo messages using Patreon's feature called Lens.

* See your name on a page made exclusively to thank DCTC patrons on the official Dizney Coast to Coast website (DizneyCoastToCoast.com).

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In addition to tier 1 rewards, you'll receive the following:

* The opportunity to join a live stream Q&A where you can have your questions answered and be part of Disney fan conversations. The live stream will take place on Facebook Live every other month. See below for details.

* Early release access to the Wednesday episodes of Dizney Coast to Coast. Be among the first to hear the latest episode of DCTC.

* Early access to the DCTC monthly music playlist before it is available through the Dizney Coast to Coast e-note.



The live stream will happen on Facebook Live, so once you become a patron be sure to request to be part of the Facebook Group "Q&A Live Streams - DCTC Patreon Supporters." 


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In addition to tiers 1 & 2 rewards, you'll receive the following:  

* For events throughout the year, I like to create what I call Magical Bands. Whenever I create one of these Disney inspired silicone bands for an event, I'll mail one directly to you. No need to attend the event to add these exclusive Magical Bands to your collection.

* A signed postcard thanking you for being a major supporter of Dizney Coast to Coast.



About Dizney Coast to Coast

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out the Dizney Coast to Coast Patreon page to consider becoming a patron. It makes me so happy that DCTC has affected you in some way that you're considering becoming a supporter of the show. Now in it's sixth season, the show continues to grow due to the passionate group of folks like yourself. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope you find some rewards that will plus the DCTC experience for you. Even by supporting with $1 per month, you become part of the DCTC Patreon community and get some rewards I think you'll enjoy. So go ahead and spend some time on this page and check out how you can help ensure the future of Dizney Coast to Coast while also being rewarded. 

Podcast episodes will still be released for free and you don't need to spend money to hear them. I truly appreciate the fact that so many of you enjoy listening whether or not you're a Patreon supporter. But if you're able to become a patron, join this community to help make future episodes possible. Thank you for helping me make this show that I love. For years now I have consistently released new episodes for your listening pleasure. I promise to keep working hard to bring a bit of Magic into your life. Thank you for helping me keep the Magic alive. 

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Does Patreon only accept US dollars?
 NO. Patreon is a US based website so everything is described in US dollars, but you can pay with any currency and it will be automatically converted.

I don't have much money. Does becoming a patron really help? YES. Every bit helps and is always appreciated (plus you get cool rewards). Of course, only sign up for a level that you can easily afford. Ask yourself this. What's more important? A cup of caffeine that your doctor told you to get rid of anyway, or more Magic in your life?  ;)

Why do you request a shipping address? Although all reward levels don't include shipped goods, I may just send you some unexpected Magic your way some day. So please be sure to include your mailing address when 
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If you have an idea for a reward you would like to be considered, you can always send your ideas (or any messages) directly to me that only I answer once you become a patron.


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