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Thanks! You will receive updates on how I'm doing and receive my personal thanks and grattitude!
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You are awesome! Feel free to join me on the servers and have a spot open for you in any public group I have ( example: Join my faction, gangs), or feel free to come kill/stab me in game if you wish. Also pledgers will receive rewards for previous tiers!
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Wow! Double...or Triple Thanks are still not enough! As a token of appreciation you will receive recognition with your name in my forum signature and on my dusty YouTube channel, (yes I have one), been to busy to upload but with yalls support I will be more diligent! Also pledgers of this amount will receive rewards from all previous tiers!




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About DizzyVidsMC

Hey guys!,

First off Thanks for taking the time to read and take a look at my page! :) 

But to the more serious part. For those that already know I am a Network Administrator for the Minecraft gaming network known as TDKNetwork, which is owned by YouTuber and Twitch Streamer Pyrostasis. I eat, sleep, and breath for this small community of awesome people since the day I first joined the network myself just as anyone else would, a player. Over a few months I joined the staff team as a Mini-Mod and within a few short few months I was made an Administrator. 

Now fast forward to today and here we are, me not just working for TDK as an Admin but for you guys, helping make the Network a great place to hang out with the rest of the players and friends, and most importantly to keep things fun.

Sadly, working for the network dosent help pay them bills that come around each month, this means I have to go out and work at  a more "Paying" job to make sure I have a way to make ends meet which inturn means less time online helping make new features for you guys. :(

With the money raised here from you awesome people I will be able pay more of my bills with less time spent working the elbows to death for that beautiful minimum wage, and in the future if and when some goals are met I will be able to update my "Setup" and allowing me to do even more for you guys!

Thanks for ALL of your support and I hope to see you guys on the Network in the future. (play.Pyrostasis.com <<< Minecraft server IP for those who don't know it)

Kind Regards,
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Wow! First step to getting less required hours at work just to get by, more time to spend with you guys
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