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High Five

$1 /mo
You'll get my gratitude for the can of pop or donut you decided I get to have on your dime. This means quite a bit to me, actually.

Fellow Human

$5 /mo
Get all my assorted writings, essay content, snippets and other bits I release as I come up with them, including Volatile Processes, Oh, I'm Not a Doctor and Gross Bodily Harm.

Recognized Human

$10 /mo
You still get all the writing and articles I put out, and on top of that, here's flavor country: if you're a Recognized Human for 3 months or more, you get access (for the next 12 months) to PDF fi...


$12 /mo
For an extra two bucks, you get everything a Recognized Human gets, on the same terms, as well as Incremental Updates to the BASIC System games I'm putting out, either stuff that's destined to find...