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About Documenting Cyril & Marleen

We are Cyril and Marleen; madly creative and madly in love.. with each other and with creating. But who likes to be the starving artist in the 21st century? Exactly, we don't.

Marleen used to be a fashion and wedding photographer, before she decided to take up more challenge and founded a fashion magazine for fellow creatives. Unfortunately, the project failed after three successful publications. This time one of her goals is to transform a former blog into a new platform for writers and like-minded people.

Cyril launched as musician and producer, and tried his luck as chaotic mess. Unfortunately, without Marleen to discipline him, there was no breakthrough. One of his goals is to document his family and spread his music to inspire  youth. 

We combine our talents to bring forth creative chaos, rewards & business opportunities. We are open for collaboration, donation or to be hired. 

We made this patreon as our current state is living as starving artists, working irregular dayjobs on a minimum wage, to afford basic living circumstances, and we'd appreciate the support of the people, those who believe in us. We thank you for already believing in us. 

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