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About Martin G Cameron

Who is this guy?

Hi, I’m Martin Cameron and I do art.I started my career as a commercial artist (red:HIRED WRIST) doing advertising design and editorial illustration. Eventually my love of comics and animation, as well as my technical and design licks, need me to a job in the early Computer Games world. I was the third artist hired by the LUCASFILM GAMES division and I drew vast martian landscapes with a joystick and PIXELS AS BIG AS YOUR HEAD!
Over the years I got to work on a ton of exciting projects Like the MYSTERY OF MONKEY ISLAND series, a couple of INDIANA JONES titles and an entire string of flight simulator games that started with BATTLEHAWKS 1942 and culminated in the original X-WING series (X-WING, TIE FIGHTER and X-WING VS TIE FIGHTER). Yes, I actually got paid to design Space Ships like the TIE DEFENDER.

TAKE THAT Mrs. Blankenship who said my doodling in the margins of my history notes would never lead anywhere!

I Also designed educational applications for Doctors, worked on my first MMO when we still popped out collars and listened to Oingo Boingo and learned what total moron PACMAN was IN 3D!

Like so many of my artist pals in those days though, I started out just wanting to be a comic artist and an occasional animator. Put simply I wanted to make stories of one type or another that made people laugh and maybe wonder a bit.

To that end I began to turn all the knowledge I have garnered by growing up with the digital art world and bend it back to where I started my career.

Why Steampunk
Steampunk was once described as “Nostalgia for a time that never was”, It is a genre that started at the end of the last century and has succeeded in captivating the imaginations of millions of readers and viewers while still remaining delightfully nebulous. In a world where so much is rigidly defined Steampunk is only limited by the dreams and fantasies of the artisans and fans of the genre.

So that’s my pitch contributing to my PATREON Coffers will enable me to produce more Art, more animation and more STUFF in general. Additionally we will have some fun along the way.


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