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The grand estate recognizes your house's benefaction.

Assets granted upon your house:

  • My deepest thanks unto you, and your next of kin
  • You receive an honorary title in the Discord guild and get an audience with me and fellow members
  • Your voice is heard! Your house name now holds greater weight in these old halls
    • Every month your judgement is taken under great consideration via voting polls, and thus dictate what illustrations will be made. [Theme and characters will be decided upon in advance]
Includes Discord benefits

Greater Cultist

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Your efforts are recognized, granting you and your company aid from the union.

Assets granted upon your house:
  • [All former benefits]

  • You shall be granted exclusive early-access to never before seen art and works-in-progress I am working on
  • Recognition! In addition to holding a greater piece, your name will now be featured as thanks for your tribute
    • This will be done by stream at the end of every month, as well as on Twitter.
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Tribune of the Damned

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You've earned an audience in the royal court itself.

Assets granted upon your house:
  • [All former benefits]

  • Ink. Lots of it.
  • A written pamphlet revealing a location auctioning painted antiquities at a marked down rate
    • You get a one-time redeemable discount (25%) for any commission-type from me. Standard terms of service apply. Contact me for details.
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About Gabriel V.


ciao. my name's gabey

i'm some soft dog artist. i mainly focus on digital work these days; right now i work on lots of fluffy animal people and a webcomic i'm trying to manage. despite my slow work times, i still try my best to keep improving my skills.

based goods

you'll find the majority of my art over on my twitter
i post drawings and my thoughts and activities onto it too

currently trying to move away from commission work.
if you're interesting in getting art with me, do get in touch via any of my platforms.
(you can reach me on discord or twitter)

as i've mentioned earlier, i'm trying to get a webcomic running as i started as a writer and have a decent experience as a world-builder. so lots of my future work will more or less be me expanding on that.

this section is subject to change.


you get some neat stuff, like public thank-yous over on my twitch for my end of the month stream. you also get certain art rewards like free sketches and such. and sometimes the power to vote on what i should be drawing.

(more details on each tier that you can sign up for)
looking forward to seeing you around!
$392.96 of $450 per month
Oh boy, I could do so much work with all this...

Not much I can say- besides, 'Wow!'.
You really are the best for helping me get to this point.
Finally get to feel like I'm not buried up to my face for once!

I'll definitely try my best if you believe in me this much!
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