Doll Hart is creating videos, laser, latex.

Inside my world! and Contest entry!

$2 /mo
Access to Posts, Pics, General creative life and my learning to work with a FSL Muse, and Latex. AND this lets you in on active contests and give aways!

voted Bi-monthly Tutorials

$7 /mo

What do YOU want to know that I know? 

Killer Mac and cheese recipe?

Laser 101?

Latex seaming?

you Lemme know!

Thank you gift!

$15 /mo
Laser Applique, small latex accessories, other Laser made items, not sure yet!


$20 /mo
Hi res Prints from previous Shoots, delivered to you!  3x a year

Vector Patterns

$25 /mo
Emailed to you, the vector file of my laser cuts!
this is obvious TBD cause I need to get the laser, and make said files!