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  • My everlasting gratitude, and the personal knowledge that I am that much further away from starving to death due to your contribution.
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  • The above, in addition to more behind the scenes information, discussing character motivations, their origin (both in and out of universe), and more on the world as a whole.
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  • All of the above, in addition to early access to the setting bible and culture documents.  Also early access to what artwork I will be able to commission.




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I am the author of the web-novel Domina City. I hope you enjoy my stories about a city gone mad and people just trying to survive.

Unfortunately, I need help. I first started Domina as a side project, little more to clear my head (I've gotten enough complaints about the early chapters to know it shows). But as I wrote more and more, it became more complex and began to take up more of my life. Which isn't bad. I love writing, and I love writing Domina City. But it has reached the point where I have difficulty justifying the amount of time I put in it. It's eating into my work life, which means I either need to dial back on writing or dial back on work. I know which I would prefer.

If you can afford to chip in a little bit each month, then I can afford to keep dedicating time to this series, and eventually start adding more. Side stories from other perspectives, commissioned art, an upgraded site, and all sorts of things. You, as a backer, will also get rewards, from custom art to even cameos in the series.

Thank you all so much for supporting me, in more ways than one. I wouldn't have found the strength to continue for this long if not for the constant interest you have all shown.
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I will start publishing Domina side stories, once per week, in addition to the normal updates.  Some of these will be short, stand-alone stories, some will be longer, and some will even just be one or two scenes that got cut from the main story.  Ideas include a greeter who works to integrate new criminals into Domina, a cop who transferred from New York with his family, and Io on his deathbed.
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