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Every pond needs a lot of small fish! This tier is for all you guys out there who have been following me for awhile, enjoying my writing, and just want to feel good about supporting me. 

This tier will have access to one main post every week.

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I think tadpoles are pretty cute, and I'm going to set up this tier to have early access to my weekly essays. 

This tier has access to my weekly posting, plus will receive a thank-you photo set. 

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For all the big-shot, slow-moving creatures who have always been curious about booking a session with me, and now find themselves jerking off to my strap-on essay...doesn't it seem appropriate to pledge $25 a month? 

This tier will receive access to my weekly posting. This tier (and the $100 tier) will receive access to regular journal entries as well.  Plus I send out thank-you photo sets.




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About Camilla Casanova

I'm a writer, traveler, and professional pervert. Stay tuned for essays on sexuality, sex work, polyamory, and healing. Support my writing and help me stay motivated - my goal is to post at least one essay per week. I may also experiment with releasing photo content on Patreon. 
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I need proof that this Patreon thing actually works. Help me stay motivated - I am accountable to my readers, and my goal is to post one essay per week. Once I reach $250 per month, I'll expand my Patreon to also involve regular photo sets. 
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