is creating QUALITY pokemon showdown ANALYSES FAM
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I will say thank you. 

And also send you a custom Pokemon Showdown team if you want lol

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I will say thank you even harder.

I can also make you another custom Pokemon Showdown team if you want lol. 

You can have access to my Roblox server.

I will give you fortnite tips (I'm pretty good, I've won like two games) 

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i'll give u a shoutout on my minecraft lets play channel




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My name is Dondy, I was in the FBI for 10 years and I'm a certified karate expert. In 2014 I retired from a life in the secret service to focus on my true passion - writing half assed analyses for my school's Pokemon League and making YouTube videos in my free time about Counter Strike. Every dollar you donate helps fund my debilitating addiction to Fortnite skins. Thank you for your consideration. 
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it's a cool number right
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